Crooked Kingdom Playlist

crooked-kingdom-playlistToday I am happy to share with you my Crooked Kingdom playlist!

Crooked Kingdom is the finale to the Six Of Crows duology.

A Spoiler-Free review of Crooked Kingdom is already up on my blog which you can read Here!

Songs featured in today’s playlist were one’s that I not only listened to while reading CK, but songs I felt matched the atmosphere of this magical + fantastical world that Bardugo created!

Songs Feat. From: Kingdom Hearts (Spin-Off Titles) + Final Fantasy (XIII & XV)


• Le Sanctuaire (Kingdom Hearts 3D) • La Cloche (Kingdom Hearts 3D) •
• Black Garden (Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep) • Miracles (Final Fantasy XIII) •
• Forever Fugitives (Final Fantasy XIII) • Apocalypsis Noctis (Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV) • At Struggle’s End (Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV) • Our Hope Goes With You (Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV) •

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Kingdom Of Ash And Briars Playlist

kingdom-of-ash-and-briars-playlistHappy Monday!

Today’s reading playlist is inspired by A Kingdom Of Ash And Briars by Hannah West!

If you’ve read it, check out my ARC Review Here!

If you haven’t read KOAAB, this debut novel centers around Bristal a girl who realizes she has elicromancer abilities and is tasked with protecting the 3 kingdoms of her world when an army/war is brewing! It incorporates many classic fairy tales and puts unique twists on them (Cinderella, Mulan,Sleeping Beauty)

While reading, I listened to many Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep OST’s & I felt they really matched with the overall plot/tone of the story + I’ve also included a few tracks from Final Fantasy!

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A Torch Against The Night Playlist

A Torch Against The Night PlaylistI’m so happy to bring you another Reading Playlist!! ❤ ❤

Today’s, as you can tell from the title, is from Sabaa Tahir’s A Torch Against The Night!

If You’ve Read It, You Can Check Out My Full Book Review Here!

Featured in today’s playlist are songs from:

🔥 Final Fantasy XIII/XV 🔥 Kingdom Hearts 🔥 + Scavenger Hunt (One of my all-time favorite bands <3)🔥

Many of these songs were chosen because I felt they represented the main characters + the overall tone of the story! (Especially the 1st song featured!!)

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This Savage Song Playlist

This Savage Song PlaylistIts been a while since I’ve done a Reading Playlist!

Today I’m happy to be sharing one based on Victoria Schwab’s This Savage Song

Based on the cover/summary I listened to a lot of OST’s from my favorite video game Kingdom Hearts, but mostly from its prequel Birth By Sleep, one of its spin-off titles + a track from Final Fantasy!

Many of the songs listed have some sort of Violin/Classical element which I felt went perfectly with the tone/overall plot of the book!

Enjoy!  ❤

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+ Announced July 13, Victoria’s book got #1 on the NYT Bestsellers list!  😀 ❤






Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell Playlist

Unhooked Lisa Maxwell Playlist.jpgToday I’d love to share w/ you my playlist for Lisa Maxwell’s Unhooked.

This novel is a dark retelling of Peter Pan!

If you are interested to know more check out my Full Unhooked Review Here.

While reading Unhooked I mostly listened to OST’s from Kingdom Hearts! (more specifically the spin-off 358/2 Days + the prequel Birth By Sleep)


If you’ve read unhooked, listen to the songs & tell me what you think in the comments below!





The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig Playlist

The Girl From Everywhere PlaylistAs stated in previous Reading Playlist posts, I have made it a 2016 goal to create more playlists!

So today I’m happy to share with you The Girl From Everywhere Playlist ❤

If you have read TGFE or are interested to know more, check out my Full Review!

The songs in today’s playlist are from Kingdom Hearts (3D+Birth By Sleep + 2.5)

Enjoy :)!

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Rebel Of The Sands Playlist

Rebel Of The Sands Playlist OfficialTo celebrate the US Release Date of  Rebel Of The Sands  by Alwyn Hamilton I have a playlist to share w/ you!

If you’ve read it already, check out my ARC Review of Rebel Of The Sands!


If you haven’t added this book to your TBR, I highly recommend you do!

The songs for this playlist are from Aladdin, Brandon FiechterDerek Fiechter#DominikHauser, Final Fantasy XIII/XV, Kingdom Hearts & Lindsey Stirling!


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Blackhearts Playlist

Blackhearts By Nicole Castroman PlaylistBack in December I made this post: Fire Falling Playlist!

And I made it a 2016 goal to create more playlists for the books I read this year!

So today, I am so happy to share w/ you today another Reading Playlist ❤

Today’s playlist will be based on Nicole Castroman’s Blackhearts!

If you’ve read Blackhearts already, you can also check out my Full Review

Songs on this playlist are from: Assassin’s Creed, Kingdom Hearts, and Pirates Of The Caribbean!

Enjoy 🙂

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