Here are the policies for my blog~

What types of books do you review?

A majority of what I review will be Young Adult (YA), however I will also review Middle Grade, Graphic Novels/Manga, and occasionally New Adult/Adult books. (For New Adult/Adult it depends on synopsis).

(Note* I also prioritize reading from marginalized, POC voices (traditional/indie published), those requests are always encouraged! So publishers who have titles from marginalized authors, will definitely be considered for me to review

And as for Adult I will usually reach for Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literary Fiction, and Historical Fantasy titles!

Because a majority of what I read/review is YA, here are some of the categories/sub-genres I usually reach for:

  • YA Contemporary & Realistic YA
  • YA Fantasy
  • YA Historical Fiction
  • YA Retellings/Fairy tales
  • YA Romance
  • YA Sci-Fi
  • YA Mystery

The only YA category that I am picky about and read depending on synopsis:

  • YA Paranormal

My top 4 favorite YA categories include:

YA Fantasy, YA Contemporary, YA Historical Fiction, and YA Science Fiction

Do you accept Book Boxes for review?

Yes! I would prefer it to be related to Young Adult, but I’m willing to accept any book box, depending on its contents, etc. (Book Box companies, feel free to email me if your interested!)

Are you accepting unsolicited books or ARCs/Galleys?

Yes! I am currently accepting unsolicited books from publishing houses. I try to post monthly TBR Lists/recommendations posts of books that I’m really looking forward to! So, if your a publisher looking to send a book on my lists, please reach out!

**Are you accepting author requests for indie published books? 

*Yes! With my blog reach as well, I’d also love to know ahead of time if I can pass the opportunity along to fellow book bloggers/reviewers who would be interested as well, if I don’t have the time to review!

What version of books do you accept?

I accept printed ARCs/Galleys and finished copies.

I am a publisher/author that has sent you an ARC (advanced reader copy) , finished copy, or unsolicited books when can I expect a review?

Depends on my schedule, but  I will try my hardest to read it as early as I can. I will try to post my review before its release date, the day of, or maybe even the week of. Regardless, I always post my reviews to my Twitter as well as on my blog!

*Also, I’ve been looking to be more active on my Instagram, so I’d also be happy to do Bookstagram promotion if I don’t have time to do a full review!

Do you accept unsolicited books?

Yes! I accept unsolicited books from traditional large/indie publishers, they can be Young Adult, Graphic Novels, Manga, Middle Grade & SFF (for SFF, publishers can include: Tor Books, Orbit Books, Angry Robot Books), with those being the genres I’ve read the most of!

*Note for unsolicited books: It depends if its a book from a series (aka-not the first book), ones I’m interested in based on genre or summary, etc. Overall while I am very grateful to receive unsolicited books, I may or may not review it in a timely manner (really depends) but will share a picture on social media (like twitter)!

Will you do sponsorships?

I’d be happy to, but it depends on the book–its best to just send me an email! Also, in terms of book-related products/services (aka not books specifically) if we can set up an agreement on compensation for my time to review or discuss your product, email me!


*IMPORTANT NOTE for the future of 24hr.YABookBlog: In 2020, it marked my 5 years as a book blogger. With the time and work I’ve put into the blog to discuss and promote books, check out my Promotion & Media Kit page to go into more details if you’d like to collaborate for bookish services from cover reveals to interviews, & more!

Rating Scale

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star

Really loved this book! I  recommend it to everyone!

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull Starhalf star--Book Blog

Loved this book! There was just a very small issue I may have had with it.

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull Star

I really enjoyed this book!

Full StarFull StarFull Starhalf star--Book Blog

Really liked this book!

Full StarFull StarFull Star

I  liked this book, but I had some issues with it.

If a book is at Full StarFull Star or Full Star I probably did not finish it. (These 2 ratings will rarely be used b/c I a majority of the time,  genuinely enjoy every book I read, but these will be used for being more critical on books I personally didn’t like.

Where can I contact you?

You can contact me at: