Library Pre-Order Campaigns

Inspired by my Library discussion I’ve created this page to list YA authors who’ll accept library requests as a part of their swag campaigns!

The page will be regularly updated! Click the links to get additional info such as which email or form to send the request to & details about the pre-order swag!

Woven In Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez
Pre-Order Swag Includes:

  • Art print
  • 3 Character cards 
  • 1 Bookmark (Illustrian or Llacsan)
  • Annotated PDF of Ch.1

Ends January 6, 2020!

The Sound Of Stars by Alechia Dow
Pre-Order Swag Includes:

  • Magnet
  • Sticker
  • Button
  • Postcard featuring art from Erin O’Neill Jones
  • Bookmark

Ends January 25, 2020!

Diamond City by Francesca Flores
Pre-Order Swag Includes:

  • Signed Diamond-Designed Bookplate
  • Diamond City Bookmark featuring art from @Asayrisart
  • A Letter From The Author
    Ends January 27, 2020!

Spellhacker by MK England
Pre-Order Swag Includes:

  • Bookmark
  • 2 Stickers
  • Signed Bookplate
  • Postcard
  • Emailed PDF of a Spellhacker-themed card to send to a friend
  • Disasters short story

Ends January 27, 2020!

Night Spinner by Addie Thorley
Pre-Order Swag Includes:

  • Bookmark
  • Signed bookplate
  • Quote sticker
  • Exclusive character art print featuring art from Salome Totladze (@morgana0anagrom)

Ends February 10, 2020!

Glitch Kingdom by Sheena Boekweg
Pre-Order Swag Includes:

  • 5 Character Stickers featuring art from @Evadrwassometimes
  • Bookmark
  • Personalized & Signed Sticker Bookplate

Ends February 18, 2020!

If Only You Knew by Prerna Pickett
Pre-Order Swag Includes:

  • Signed Bookmark
  • IOYK-themed Sticker & Pin

(US Only)