24hr.YABookBlog Promotion & Media Kit

24hr.YABookBlog is a blog primarily focused on Young Adult Books and due to its 5-year run as of 2020, the blog will now offer paid promotional packages to promote authors and their upcoming titles.

As the sole runner of 24hr.YABookBlog, my background in Journalism and Public Relations ensures you receive professional and engaging content to promote your novel or product!

Authors, publishers, brands, and bookish companies interested in working with me, can select from a variety of services.

For more details about 24hr.YABookBlog and its online presence you can refer to the official MEDIA KIT for statistics and information (updated quarterly).

Fees for promotion start at $25, if you are interested in collaborating, email me at:

24hr.YABookBlog@gmail.com or 24hr.YABookBlogPromo@gmail.com
*(additional fees contingent upon requested services)

Variety of possible services include:

Exclusive Cover Reveals or Excerpts:

  • Post would need to include all relevant information aside from the summary such as: Cover artist and illustrator, designer, publisher, author links, purchase links for the book, or any other necessary information

The Booked Shelf Promotion (UPDATE)

  • General sponsor/promo on any article or post through The Booked Shelf for your book
  • UPDATE (2022): The Booked Shelf is also open for exclusive YA Cover Reveals (I’m open to collaborating with major publishers, indie publishers or authors as well)

Note: The Booked Shelf is a YA Book News website catered towards the latest YA Releases

Book Promo Package can include services from Social Media Promotion and Promotional Book Content:

Social Media Promotion

  • Posts through Twitter or Instagram (IG Stories, posts, etc.) *
  • Graphics
  • General Promo

Promotional Book Content
For example, if you would like your book or product to be featured in some way on my blog it can be done through creative posts (examples include):

  • Book lists
  • Author features/guest posts (or essays)
  • Interviews
  • Blog Tours

*Book promo package material with additional fee
– Social Media Promotion above 2 per platform
– more TBA

The Booked Shelf, my YA book news blog keeps up-to-date on the latest YA Books and is open for exclusive content/promotion also (which is always cross-promoted). To work with me there as well, visit the blog for more information!

For any further questions or to discuss my services in greater detail if that interests you, contact me at: 24hr.YABookBlogPromo@gmail.com