NetGalley Library // March 20

Netgalley Library is a new feature on the blog where I chat about the digital arcs or review copies I’ve acquired and share a little more about them, what inspired me to read them or add them to my TBR! I don’t often post about arcs at all unless I’m sharing a Reading Diary or posting an ARC review, but in 2023 posting more is a big priority and truly have missed posting due to life getting very busy 😭📝

I’d love to make this a weekly (or every other week) sort of post to keep you updated on new or upcoming YA releases that are on my radar or I’m eager to get to during the year. This feature was absolutely inspired by Vee over @/VeeBookishBooks whose posted their NetGalley Library feature for some time (credit to them 🤭💖📚)

As a bookseller, it’s allowed me more access to digital arcs but I don’t want to go requesting too many or I’d get overwhelmed and never end up reading anything…so I’m taking it month by month to read galleys in release order to make it easier in both reading / reviewing all the iconic YA books we are so blessed to be getting this year!

Currently Reading ARCs

Flowerheart by Catherine Bakewell
Release Date:
March 14, 2023
Publisher: Harper Teen (EpicReads)
Genres or categories: YA Fantasy, Cottagecore, Fantasy Romance + Victorian-era aesthetics / elements

Summary: Perfect for fans of Margaret Rogerson and Tamora Pierce, this standalone YA debut is a stunning cottagecore fantasy romance about a girl with powerful and violent magic, which she must learn to control—or lose everything she loves. Clara’s magic has always been wild. But it’s never been dangerous. Then a simple touch causes poisonous flowers to bloom in her father’s chest. The only way to heal him is to cast an extremely difficult spell that requires perfect control. And the only person willing to help is her former best friend, Xavier, who’s grown from a sweet, shy child into a mysterious and distant young man. Xavier names a terrible price in return, knowing Clara will give anything to save her father. As she struggles to reconcile the new Xavier with the boy she once loved, she discovers their bargain is only one of the heavy secrets he’s hiding. And as she hunts for the truth, she instead finds the root of a terrible darkness that’s taken hold in the queendom—a darkness only Clara’s magic is powerful enough to stop. 

I’d been looking forward to this one especially because I’ve always had a soft spot for the cottagecore aesthetic, then for my cozy fantasy book club Cozy Story, I had the chance to chat with the author Catherine about her inspirations, what the book is about, and other fun topics, she was such a great interviewee and we bonded over her adorable characters Xavier + Clara, KH, and lots more! So I had to read this right away and you guys…if you love the Ghibli adaptation of Howl’s Moving Castle, P&P or soft male love interests, fantasy romances, or cozy, slow fantasy I’M IMPLORING YOU TO READ THIS BOOK! 💞💐✨ Xavier lives in a magical house/apothecary and its a comforting story about embracing your emotions, plus has a fantastic estranged childhood best friends-to-lovers dynamic that is going to make you smile with delight!

Progress: Currently Reading ― 51%

Recently Acquired ARCs

Promposal by RaeChell Garrett
Release Date: April 4, 2023
Publisher: Poppy (The NOVL)
Genres or categories: YA Romance, YA Contemporary, Romcom

Summary: An overachiever must decide if risking her heart by working with her former crush turned enemy is worth the reward in this snappy rom-com, perfect for fans of Tweet Cute and Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry. High school senior Autumn Reeves has been waitlisted at her dream school. Determined to move to the top of the list, she must find a way to stand out. When a promposal she planned for a friend has half the senior class asking for her help, a brilliant business idea that will look great on her application is born: Promposal Queen. Autumn has no clue how to start a business, so she joins the Young Black Entrepreneurs group and finds herself face-to-face with Mekhi Winston, the boy whose unexpected freshman-year kiss—a kiss that meant everything to her and nothing to him—cost Autumn her best friend. He’s the only person with the experience to help her, but how can she possibly trust him? With her dreams on the line, Autumn’s willing to risk it. After all, Mekhi could be a good business partner without being a guy she would ever let near her heart again. But when working with Mekhi jeopardizes her only chance at rekindling a friendship with her ex-best-friend, and secrets long buried threaten to ruin Promposal Queen, another broken heart may be the least of her worries–her entire future is on the line.

Slowly, I’ve been getting back into reading romance books again and there’s so many good YA romcom’s out there that check off so many boxes! I love the “staring a business” – plot in YA contemporary but put it in a romance? Even better! Autumn wants to make sure she gets into her dream school and after finding a Black entrepreneur’s club at her school, she is confronted with the boy who broke her heart during freshman year and they become business partners??! Sign me up 💝

Progress: Unread

Wings In The Wild by Margarita Engle
Release Date: April 18, 2023
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers (Simon Teen / Riveted Lit)
Genres or categories: YA Contemporary, Poetry / Verse, Environmental

Summary: This romantic contemporary novel-in-verse tells the love story of two teens fighting for climate action and human rights. Winged beings are meant to be free. And so are artists, but the Cuban government has criminalized any art that doesn’t meet their approval. Soleida and her parents protest this injustice with their secret sculpture garden of chained birds. Then a hurricane exposes the illegal art, and her parents are arrested. Soleida escapes to Central America alone, joining the thousands of Cuban refugees stranded in Costa Rica while seeking asylum elsewhere. There she meets Dariel, a Cuban American boy whose enigmatic music enchants birds and animals—and Soleida. Together they work to protect the environment and bring attention to the imprisoned artists in Cuba. Soon they discover that love isn’t about falling—it’s about soaring together to new heights. But wings can be fragile, and Soleida and Dariel come from different worlds. They are fighting for a better future—and the chance to be together.

During late Fall of 2022, I finally read one of Margarita’s novels (Rima’s Rebellion). I’ve always been drawn to reading more in verse and what compelled me to read her books was also how she ties in Cuban history! However, what makes Wings different is the fact its contemporary, set in modern day, following two artists (a Cuban-born painter and Cuban-American musician) who use their talents to bring awareness to imprisoned artists and the environment. I’ve also got an interview planned for THE BOOKED SHELF and can’t wait to dive into this book even more through my conversation with Margarita! This one sounds great

Progress: Unread

Hungry Ghost by Victoria Ying
Release Date: April 25, 2023
First Second (Fierce Reads)
Genres or categories: YA Contemporary, YA Graphic Novel, Mental Health, Family
Content: Eating Disorders

Summary: A beautiful and heart-wrenching young adult graphic novel takes a look at eating disorders, family dynamics, and ultimately, a journey to self-love.Valerie Chu is quiet, studious, and above all, thin. No one, not even her best friend Jordan, knows that she has been binging and purging for years. But when tragedy strikes, Val finds herself taking a good, hard look at her priorities, her choices, and her own body. The path to happiness may lead her away from her hometown and her mother’s toxic projections—but first she will have to find the strength to seek help.

What drew me to request this one was the simple fact that I adored Victoria’s mg graphic novel City Of Secrets, not only was I captivated by her animated art style but how she uses colors to tell the story! From the summary alone, this will be an emotional but equally delicate and wonderful read that explores the topic of eating disorders. Her YA graphic novel artistically, looks quite different so I’m very eager to dive in and see how the art style not only differs but in how it explores Valerie’s life through the storytelling & I always think publishing can make room for novels tackling mental health and other related topics from authors of color!

Progress: Unread

This concludes the first post delving into what’s on my netgalley tbr & library during the month! Thanks again to Vee for the inspiration!! Hope you enjoyed and I’d love to know if you plan on reading any of these new/upcoming YA titles in the comments, Let’s Chat & Discuss! 📚💗

What books have you requested? Any anticipated YA titles you can’t wait to read or request? 🥳📚🙌


15 thoughts on “NetGalley Library // March 20

  1. I have Flowerheart on my wishlist, I’m absolutely obsessed with the cottagecore vibes on the cover. And thank you for the tag, it’s so cool that I’ve inspired someone with my ramblings! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?? We need more cottagecore in books the vibes of Flowerheart are EVERYTHING!! & omg no thank you?! your posts are always so fun to read & such an inspiration, this is such a lovely idea! 😭💘


  2. I loved seeing you talk about some upcoming releases in this format. The cover for Flowerheart immediately got my attention, it resembles cottage-core and I am soo glad you are enjoying it! Plus, did you say soft male love interest!? 😍
    The art style in Hungry Ghost looks beautiful and judging by the cover, I love the style choices to convey meaning too! Hope you love it!

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