Reading Goals & Challenges for 2023

I’ve learned over the last couple years, especially in 2022 that I love setting goals for myself (especially with my reading) and while they may not always be completed, I’ve found it often gives me the motivation & opportunity to be experimental as a reader! Creating a list of reading goals for 2023 is something that wasn’t in my immediate New Year’s plans mainly due to the fact I tend to keep them similar year after year.

However, with one of my biggest goals to keep up with a Reading Bullet Journal this year… it didn’t take long for me to make an extensive list of reading prompts & challenges that I’ve felt passionate about accomplishing over the next 12 months.πŸƒβœ¨

As book bloggers, we’ve often gotten swamped with content creating, writing posts, and had creator burnout at some point right or reached a period where reading wasn’t as fun?? So in discussing my challenges I truly want 2023 to be a FUN reading year first and foremost.

Fellow readers and bloggers, do comment your own bookish goals that you’ll be taking part in during the new year, I’d love to chat with you about them & cheer you on! πŸ“šπŸŽ‰

Reading Goals

β₯ Ensure my 2023 reads are heavily focused on Young Adult novels, making sure its atleast 50% (or over)

Over the past couple years, no surprise but as I’ve grown my reading has gone a bit all over the place and I’ve found myself missing the focus on YA books. I’m making it a priority in the new year to continue getting back into my YA roots, delivering thoughtful, in-depth reviews that are probably my favorite posts to write (even if they do take time). Though, I think its also important not to stress too much over the reviews to be eager in experimenting with shorter reviews, bullet point reviews & the overall style in my reviewing. I’m planning to not only keep up with most new releases, but also backlist books that I’ve set aside for years!

I’m holding myself accountable here for this goal, so you can expect not only traditionally published YA but also Indie reads, and small press content throughout the year.

β₯ Complete 2 YA Series (or catch up)

In knowing this is an attainable goal, I still wanted to reference it here in my post because I’ve had so many YA fantasy pile up on the never-ending TBR without having read many of them but honestly, because of the hype that once I do get it (from my library) the motivation to read them goes away sadly. Or (this is something I’ve been meaning to discuss) in recent years Young Adult fantasy books have gotten such high page counts, where they feel so long (is that just me?), and while the story catches my attention my distracted mind goes into a “mood reader” mindset where I jump from book to book, not really finishing any that I’d initially planned.

β₯ 15 Books written by Latine (or Latinx) authors

As a Latina reader, you know I’m so passionate about sharing + boosting works by Latine writers but I know in recent years the books have piled up. So yet again, I’m holding myself accountable here to read 15+ books and catch up on all the wonderful authors work. I’ve already started by reading Ann DΓ‘vila Cardinal’s Breakup From Hell, a YA Paranormal Romance/Romcom about a small-town girl named Mica Angeles who finds herself falling for a mysterious, charming boy who….may have roots in the underworld?? I’m enjoying how fast-paced the story is and the grandmother/granddaughter dynamic + the fascinating story!

β₯ Reread 2 Books & Re-Review them on the blog

I don’t often track my rereads on goodreads or here on 24hr.YABookBlog, but I’d love to revisit atleast two YA books sharing an updated review to see whether my opinions have changed, stayed the same, or whether I engage with the book from a different perspective than from my initial reading.

β₯ Read 2 Translated Books

Whether within YA or not, I’ve been eager to read works in translation, most are speculative or fantasy, but I think its great to read works outside of the traditional American publishing

β₯ Read atleast 1 YA Historical Fiction

On the blog I’ve noticed a lot of my reads have been fantasy & contemporary fiction, while those are two of my favorite genres I’d like to expand my reading horizons again to reach for some historical fiction!

Reading Challenges

β₯ Project Backlist 2023

Created by Kal @ReaderVoracious, this challenge is about finally getting that “owned TBR under control.” Quite literally the challenge I’d been looking for I thought this would be a fantastic way for me to not only read the books I’ve continued to collect but also help to unhaul books that I’ve gotten into the process of doing during 2022. It’ll be the most perfect way to not only read the books that have piled up, but maybe get rid of them in the meantime too.

There’s a variety of challenges to tackle the TBR in fun, creative ways too!

The announcement post can be found here!

β₯ 2023 Monthly Newsletter

As a former journalist student, I’ve missed reading online articles, essays, long-form pieces which is why in 2023 I’d like to continue sharing book-related articles within the YA newsletter I launched called Ink & Myths during May of 2022.

You can expect bookish updates, my thoughts on pieces and any other digital content I’ve consumed during the month. Not sure if I’ll stick to a strict month-by-month basis, but I’ll try to updated atleast 3-4 times during the year πŸ˜…πŸ’Œ

Wanted to also shout-out wonderful posts from fellow bloggers I’ve seen where they discuss their new year reading – Bianca from YourWordsMyInk – TK from Genie In A NovelWildWoodReadsThe Rantings Of A Book Addict – Jasmine from MyQuietLittleCornerBlog

Here’s to another successful year of reading during 2023! Hope you enjoyed learning more about my goals & plans I’d like to accomplish. πŸ“šπŸŽ‰

What are your Reading Goals & Challenges for 2023? Are you participating in any specific challenges?? What are priority reads you want to read in the new year? Would love to chat all things 2023 Reading πŸ₯³πŸ“š

23 thoughts on “Reading Goals & Challenges for 2023

  1. Best of luck with all your goals! I hope you are able to read more YA books and enjoying reviewing them πŸ₯°
    I love your goal of re-reviewing rereads as I never actually thought about reread reviews but your opinions do change and you notice other things. It will be interesting to see your reviews!
    I hope you have a wonderful 2023! πŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same, I feel i’m just so behind need to catch up on so many! I’m looking forward to that goal too because there’s a few books I’d love to revisit for the nostalgia & read them from a different perspective 😭 As always, thanks for reading Sophie! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’–

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