Cozy Fantasy BOOK TAG ― (Original)

Cozy Fantasy books (or slice of life fantasy, as I prefer to describe them) have become such a comfort during the year of 2022 and its not too difficult to see why! With a pandemic still going on, stressors in life, etc. sometimes all we want in the stories we consume (especially fantasy) will be a comforting or healing escape from reality, full of happiness, tranquility that feel like a warm hug with each page.

With an abundance of Cozy Fantasy content I’ve posted across socials and the blog during the 2022, it inspired my newest original tag called the Cozy Fantasy Book Tag!

Cozy Fantasy, while there’s no exact meaning in the publishing sphere as of yet, delivers something “low-stakes” but wholly comforting throughout that may take a more slice-of-approach to the storytelling among the magical or fantastic setting. These are the types of stories (while prevalent already in other mediums like manga) is something that I’m eager to see how it evolves among the American publishing landscape.

All questions and prompts are inspired by general trends, ideas or aesthetics that come to mind when thinking about these stories, that I hope will get you pondering about fantasy books that are full or coziness or deliver that comfort! Overall, have fun with this tag & hope that in some way, I inspire you to walk along the more cozy side of fantasy 🤭🌿✨

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1: Let the journey begin! What’s the first “Cozy Fantasy” book you’ve ever read?

It’s no surprise but my intro to this sub-genre was The Tea Dragon Society by Kay O’Neill. I vividly remember reading it as a webcomic before it came to print and fell in love with it from the first page. Greta, Minette, Hesekiel and Erik felt like long-lost friends and the further I became enveloped with the tea dragons, the art of tea dragon care, plus the combination of colorful artwork and calming nature backdrops, made this graphic novel such a comfort. Definitely recommend this one if you are new to the sub-genre as well!

*Bonus (non-bookish media): Look as a kid I was obsessed with the animated show Little Bear (did anyone else watch it?), the simple and charming adventures he’d embark on with his friends were so fun to watch! There was also a quiet-ness to the show that I always appreciated too.

2: Name a book that’s not marketed as “Cozy Fantasy” but feels like it

Listing these books for the reasoning that they are all pitched as high fantasy but there’s something about the way the story is told in combination with the way the world is delved into that makes it cozy: An Enchantment Of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson & The Queen Of Blood by Sarah Beth Durst.

On the more contemporary side, I simply adore the Love Sugar Magic series from Anna Meriano, the panaderia feels like a second home anytime I read from Leo’s story, also the focus on family makes it all the more comforting!

3: What’s a fantasy setting you would be comfortable living in & Why?

This was truly the toughest question to answer but I narrowed it down the world of Witch Hat Atelier from Kamome Shirahama! In the world, magic is done through ink and specific drawings but there’s a process to it and knowledge that’s built slowly across the series, making it so imaginative! I’d be comfortable living in the WHA world because of how expansive it is and with every chapter, I’m left wanting to explore even more. The world itself is explored through the eyes of a younger protagonist, a girl named Coco and her view point adds a wonder + whimsy to the story as she continues her training, grows alongside her fellow apprentices, as well as all the other fantastic ensemble characters you get to know. There’s many panels where you see unique magical creatures & plants native to the world, as well as foods and a variety of locales across the 10 volumes so far!

4: Name a Cozy Fantasy book on your TBR & the perfect treat to go along with it

Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide To The Care And Feeding Of British Dragons by Quenby Olson, its an adult historical fantasy about a 40-year-old woman who loves cake and also finds herself taking care of a dragon, I’ve had this one for a bit already for a bit in my collection and still need to pick it up. I think this book would pair well with a cake or some type of muffin! (ooh also The Very Secret Society Of Irregular Witches from Sangu Mandanna [though I’m “currently reading” this one alongside 3 other books I’m adding it! Would probably pair it with a slice of pie) 🥧☕

5: Pick a book that was described as “Cozy Fantasy” or Fantasy book in general that was described as “comforting” “wholesome” & “cozy” but didn’t meet your expectations + Explain why

I’d been browsing the #CozyFantasy hashtag on Booktok and saw the graphic novel Lightfall by Tim Probert described as such, but when I actually read it there truly wasn’t a whole lot of “coziness.” Its definitely reminiscent of old, classic journey fantasy stories which, yes LOVE however, the way it was executed could have delivered more explanation to the plot threads. The setting although very rich and original too, never felt overly developed to me which is a big part of what makes these kinds of books unique!

6: Is there a Cozy Fantasy / comforting fantasy book you’ve read (or you’ve seen) that you feel is underrated or under-the-radar?

Debating whether to do a full review on my sff blog, but I recently started a chapter book series called The Adventures Of Sophie Mouse by Poppy Green and y’all let me tell you, this is pure cozy, wholesome storytelling. It follows Sophie Mouse’s day-to-day in her home of Silverlake Forest with her friends and family! What makes it the coziest is the quiet, mundane storytelling (following Sophie playing with friends, going to school, etc) in addition to the tight-knit town among Silverlake. Its a gentle story with whimsy and naturally, lots of adventure.

7: Fantasy book that leaves you feeling happy, full of joy or coziness

A memorable read of 2022 with a setting that left me so charmed with the comfort of its setting was Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch by Julie Abe! There’s a town that Eva travels to called Auteri for her witch quest and as she spends her time there, we as the reader get immersed in the setting, day-to-day of the townspeople, read about some delicious foods (like contomelon rolls and berry popcorn, if I’m remembering right?) and become immersed in the dazzling world that Abe creates. I loved the charm and whimsical quality Abe delivered through her writing to bring the setting to life, making it such a joyful fantasy read.

Hope this tag either got you to learn a little more about the cozy books I’ve read or offered some fun, new recommendations if your eager to begin your own Cozy Fantasy journey too! 🌷✨

Now time to tag fellow Book Bloggers! I TAG:

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Have you read any Cozy Fantasy books? What are some fantasy books that are cozy or comforting to you, any recs?


15 thoughts on “Cozy Fantasy BOOK TAG ― (Original)

  1. This is such a fun tag !!! Thank you so much for thinking of me… I don’t know if I’ve read enough cozy fantasy books to answer all of these but I’m gonna try 😊😊😊


  2. What a lovely tag! I definitely associate cosy fantasy with your blog and I love all the recommendations I have gotten (thank you 🥰). This tag is a great way to showcase them.
    The Queen of Blood is a book I don’t hear a lot about but I have always been curious. The title doesn’t necessarily feel cosy 😂 but I am curious to explore the land.
    Speaking of worlds, WHA seems so magical and whimsical! Everything I hear about it, makes me want to read it.
    I recently picked up So This Is Ever After, whilst I would only rate it mid-tier, it gave me those quiet fantasy feels. Focusing on love and overall a gentle wander of being in a fantasy land.
    Thank you so much for this tag 🥰 I can’t wait to answer the questions 💜


  3. Ohh I love this Tag so much!! I’m a big fan of Cozy Fantasy books, as I need some comfort and love books with lower stakes ❤️ I just read the first Witch Hat Atelier volume this year and I loved it, it would be amazing to live in this magical world!! 🥰


  4. NBHFDHBFGDHFGD I LOVE THIS SO SO MUCH OMG?? the questions are all SO MUCH FUN and getting to know more about the cozy fantasy genre WAS BASICALLY THE BEST EVER. also i must read all of these?? the WHA world SOUNDS SO SO NICE, because PERFORMING MAGIC THROUGH INK EXCUSE ME?? its phenomenal!!!!! and Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide To The Care And Feeding Of British Dragons too because YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH CAKE AND DRAGONS. and will read Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch SOLELY for the berry popcorn THEY SOUND TOO DELICIOUS TO JUST GIVE UP LIKE THAT??? BOOKS FEATURING FOOD ARE THE BEST EVER. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE FABULOUS RECS IM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL ALRIGHT


  5. I’ve never heard of the term “Cozy Fantasy,” and to be frank, I don’t think I’ve read many books that fall into this. But honestly, it sounds ideal for whenever you want to sit back and relax… which I think I’ll be doing during the start of 2023. There are a couple of books here that I’ve been interested in for a while (such as Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide To The Care And Feeding Of British Dragons) so I’ll have to check them out! This was such a fun post to read 💕


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