A couple months of Cozy Reading, Annotating & Productivity │Reading Diary pt. 4

The summer flew by so quickly and its difficult to believe the fall season is here once again! As I’ve been busy with work (my job is in bookselling), I’ll admit some days can be quite draining which sadly doesn’t give me much time to read, which means…waves of slumps. However, I think the Autumn season definitely brushed off those vibes and I’m more eager to get back into reading, catch up on backlist books and do my best to prioritize must-reads for the rest of the year.

It’s been a year of reflection, especially as I try to not focus too much on the number goal of reading, but focus more on making it a worthwhile read, no matter how long it takes to finish.

Reading-wise during the month of October so far I’ve read 2 books. Its always so fulfilling when you finally get to those books you’ve been putting off reading for years hasn’t it? Especially when it comes to Young Adult fantasy (and in general) I know I’m SO BEHIND (*sob I’ve been such a slow reader…its been both a useful asset to my reading this year but also literally THE WORST). As I’m trying to read atleast a few more books than in 2021, I’ve likewise made an effort to read the books I said I’d get to, but never

did. A major reading accomplishment for me was completing Blazewrath Games from Amparo Ortiz, which will you can definitely expect a review of in the coming weeks. What stuck with me about the novel was the genuine heart that can be felt within the pages especially when it comes to the world and underlying arc of Lana’s story. Reading Ortiz’s novel left me so immersed in the contemporary fantasy setting which felt quite unique, especially in its boldness to delve into many layers of its world.

As for my other reads of the summer, well I’m trying to catch up on reviews from August & September, so definitely keep an eye out for those on the blog too!

I’ve also splurged a bit as I celebrated my birthday some time ago by finally purchasing one of my most anticipated YA romances from a favorite author, that being Zyla & Kai by Kristina Forest! All about the past & present events of two star-crossed teens exploring their summer meeting, senior year and the uncertainty of their love story during a school field trip. I know I’m already going to love this one because you know one of my favorite 2022 reads was Now That I’ve Found You, following Evie & Milo (hoping they also make a cameo in Z&K somehow <3), plus Kristina’s romances NEVER disappoint!!

During the summer as I dove back into YA romances it made me realize how much I’ve missed them in my life?? So requesting Salt And Sugar, an upcoming Brazilian bakery romcom, was a must & of course the excitement was too real when the publisher sent bookish mail my way with an ARC. It follows Lari and Pedro whose families own not only competing bakeries, but have been part of a generational feud as long as they can remember. But of course, these rivals find a way to join forces when a rival supermarket is threating to put an end to many of their fellow neighboring businesses, including their bakeries! It’s my current read at the moment & its so fun, while I’ll dive more into this with the review, I love the exploration of community within its pages (which is a big thing in Latin-American culture), so seeing it explored in this book feels so relatable in a way I can’t describe. If you need any convincing to add this to your TBR, here’s my aesthetic.

Next, annotating has been something I’ve been truly inspired to get back into even if its just sticky tabbing plot points that help me later on in reviewing. I’d love to create more posts about book annotation at a later date, so if that’s something your interested in seeing, do let me know & feel free to add on any particular points you’d like me to cover. No way am I an expert on annotating, but its something that can be quite personal to each reader which itself can make for a refreshing post on the blog!

I felt even more inspired to get back into this when after it was announced that A Cuban Girl’s Guide To Tea & Tomorrow would be getting a movie, like its making me so HAPPY, you have no idea?!!

Over the last few months I’ve been eager to keep up with all the YA book news, so The Booked Shelf has been a space where I’m trying to update as much as I can! However in gearing up for the 2023 bookish season, its also reminded me its okay to take a break, especially when there’s already so many other book-related projects I’ve been working on.

I’ve also been thinking about the bookish goals I’d like to accomplish still during the year 2022, which includes: Reading atleast 50 books (I’m at 44/45 if I include rereads), catch up on reviews, make sure I continue to read mostly YA!

Something I’ve loved writing and posting about during 2022 has definitely been Cozy Fantasy books & anything cozy fantasy-related, which has me eager to read + talk about all the coziest fantasy books during fall 🍂✨ I think its such an interesting genre that’s gaining more momentum in the book community partly because there is no set definition for it & in a way, everyone’s own interpretation can be kind of different. I’d love to post more about these kinds of books in the coming months, so I’ll definitely be drafting a few more ideas before the year is done.

To wrap-up here, wanted to shout-out posts I’ve read from the blog-o-sphere: Andge’s easily one of my new favorite reviewers & I have to shout-out her wonderfully nuanced review of Tiffany D. Jackson’s The Weight Of Blood, another dear blogger friend Alicia posted a fantastic take on Top Ten Tuesday ft. this post of Latinx-Owned Bookstores in addition to her Latinx Heritage Month series, though I have yet to read The Inheritance Games series, Raji posted a great review of The Final Gambit with so many thoughts & opinions on how this finale ended, enjoyed reading Joanna’s thoughts on this recently-released YA romance Seoulmates, Jordyn from Birdie’s Book Nook definitely left me inspired to want to pick up older YA fantasy after reading this review of Sabriel, Sophie has the most fun posts that I want to keep on reading and I absolutely loved this post on 25+ Books about music, PagesUnbound always has the best discussions about libraries & blogging, so this discussion on Libraries possibly becoming obsolete was a great read, and finally, I’ve recently started reading more of Sara from Stories And Sidequest’s blog which introduced me to this fantastic weekly series where she reads The Artist’s Way journal and records her progress!

What have you read recently? Have you hauled any new books? & Any bookish things you’ve been up to these past couple months? 🎊📚

10 thoughts on “A couple months of Cozy Reading, Annotating & Productivity │Reading Diary pt. 4

  1. Aww thank you for including me in the shoutouts 🥹 you’re too kind. I always look forward to hearing your thoughts.
    And I’m so excited you got an ARC for Salt & Sugar! I debates about requesting an ARC but I’m so behind lately. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There’s something about bakery books and rom com feuds that I love. And when they are combined? Incredible!

    I do want to read A Cuban Girl’s Guide To Tea & Tomorrow. I keep eying in the library. But then I tell myself I must focus on the books I already have out!

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  3. Best of luck with your reading goal, you are quite close to 50 books so you got this! I have tried to put less pressure on the number of books I read too, but it is still nice to reach certain goals!
    I’m glad you have enjoyed your latest reads; the YA romances sound so sweet 😍 I love how they can make you feel when reading them.
    I hope the movie adaptation for A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea & Tomorrow is a good one 🥰
    Hope you enjoy Autumn and thank you sooo much for sharing my post 🤎🤎


  4. I love reading your reading diaries. I’m just getting back into blogging and I’m so happy to see your posts greet me. hahaha
    Speaking of cozy fantasy books have you read Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree and Half A Soul by Olivia Atwater? Those two are my top cozy fantasy books 😀


  5. Agreed that it’s fulfilling to finally get to the books after so many years, especially if it’s a series! I’m also behind as well since I’m pretty slow reader (at least I consider myself to be one); I’m only so ahead because I’ve been devouring so many novellas and comics (which is definitely something at least).

    I wasn’t aware about A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea & Tomorrow getting a movie! (But I’ve also been out of it, so I’m not exactly surprised there.) I’m super excited for this, though I still need to read the book.

    Good luck on accomplishing your bookish goals for 2022!


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