The Springtime Of My Life Began With You Vol. 1 by Nikki Asada {Manga Review}

The Springtime Of My Life Began With You Vol. 1 by Nikki Asada

Publisher: Kodansha

Release Date: May 11, 2021

Pages: 175

Summary: Suehiro is a quiet girl, who prefers the excitement of her books to the real-life anxieties of friends. She’d been perfectly happy in her own little world until ultra-popular guy Takasago asked her out as part of a punishment game right in front of the class, bringing Suehiro front and center. Mortified, she tries everything to get away…but he persists, and insists he’s serious! How will she deal with such an interruption to her previously quiet life?

My Rating: ★★★★☆ ½

My Thoughts: The Springtime Of My Life Began With You is a refreshing YA romance following shy booklover Suehiro, whose quiet life of reading is disrupted (maybe for the better) when popular classmate Takasago asks her out after a prank of sorts! They slowly start a sweet budding romance, as they build-up the best in each other, Suehiro finds herself coming out of her shell. The great character arcs, great pacing and wonderfully developed romance make this a wonderful manga series should be on your to-read list!

I know I’ve been behind on reviewing, but as I catch up on my August reads the more I’ve been thinking about this manga, it became one of my new favorite romance & shojo stories that you definitely need to check out if you enjoy the shy x popular pairing, a book lover heroine and wholesome romantic development.

Suehiro loves her world of books and knows she’s a wallflower who finds it anxious enough being noticed or thinking about making friends (even if truthfully her shyness makes her feel like its easier to stay unnoticed)…then her school year becomes a lot more interesting when one of the most popular guys in her class, Takasago, asks her out!

Though Takasago’s friends convinced him as part of a “prank” he should ask someone whose never been asked out before, he genuinely asks Suehiro out for real shortly after, wanting to connect with her when he acknowledges how lonely she’s been in class. At the start of their budding friendship / romance, you can see how Takasago wants to learn more about Suehiro’s interests from her favorite book, walking her to & from school and eating lunch with her, their relationship grows in such an adorably wholesome way, with the perfect bits of comedy too??

As they hang out more (and Takasago disappearing throughout the week), Suehiro finds herself wanting to make more friends by joining a club, convinced Takasago at some point will stop wanting to hang out with her, giving her the determination to step out of her comfort zone during the school year, wanting to find her own place.

Some of the best scenes were the moments where it shows the definite connection between them, where outside of that popular exterior, Takasago wants to make Suehiro happy which involves CREATING a whole literary club for Suehiro (aptly called “The Suehiro Club”) where he makes it so they can do whatever she wants & hang out together! The cliche romance moments were at times predictable, but in the more intimate moments between them: (the way Takasago wants to read her favorite book to understand why she loves it so much, him starting an entire school club for her, him slowly becoming shy around her as they start dating for real). Despite them being complete opposites, they build such a sweet relationship that leaves you wondering where it’ll be headed.

As someone whose quite introverted, seeing Suehiro’s anxieties about building new friendships, questioning her new relationship with Takasago, being worried he’d get bored of her and leave, finding her own confidence within, those were hard-hitting moments of the story that made Suehiro all the more stronger. She was quite a relatable character and I’m so invested seeing her confidence grow across the series. On the other side there’s Takasago, who has his own backstory as a former baseball player but also seeing his “popular” persona slowly disappear as he becomes shyer around Suehiro (adorable!).

The plot was fantastically paced, compared to other contemporary/shojo mangas I’ve read in the past I enjoyed this first volume a lot turning the last page with a sense like I got know the main characters really well. The romantic relationship that’s developing between them also never felt too rushed, nor did slice-of-life moments at school they felt woven into the plot in the best way, leaving you eager to know what’ll happen next! Currently I’m at volume 2 and at 5 volumes total, this is one of my new favorite shojos! I never really cared about character pairings too much, but this definitely reminded me why the shy x popular dynamic is such an underrated romance pairing!!!

The Springtime Of My Life Began With You delivers on a slow-paced, equally charming & sweet romance that will leave you smiling! The deeper character arcs and wonderful development between the leads makes this a romance manga series that’s worth the read. With only 5 volumes, you’ll be delighted with the many romcom, romantic moments that make the story utterly delightful!

4 thoughts on “The Springtime Of My Life Began With You Vol. 1 by Nikki Asada {Manga Review}

  1. aw… this manga sounds delightful. I love the initial plot premise… it kind of reminds me of the movie “she’s all that” but this one seems more wholesome. I like the idea of opposite attracts and the exploration of her anxieties. But, I would be lying if I didn’t say that the idea of Takasago getting shyer around Suehiro when he develops feelings is the thing that entices me the most. Great review 🥰

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    1. its truly the sweetest romance I’ve read in some time & thanks for the rec Sophie, I’ve been trying to get into watching more romcom movies, that one sounds fun! ahh yes, seeing the guy fall & become more shy around the heroine makes the romance all the more sweet. 😍 Thanks so much for reading!! 💕💕

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