Play It Cool, Guys Vol. 2 by Kokone Nata {Manga Review}

Play It Cool, Guys Vol. 2 by Kokone Nata (Play It Cool Guys / Cool Doji Danshi #2)

Publisher: Yen Press

Release Date: June 29, 2021

Pages: 196

Available through Bookshop

Translator: Amanda Haley / Lettering: Lys Blakeslee

Summary: They’re so goofy, they’re cool. Warm-up’s over. Easy mode may be off now, but nothing’s impossible when they’re all in it together. Get ready for this crew of dorks overflowing with pizzazz to turn things up a notch! There’s no clumsy that they can’t make cool. Everybody, please return to your seats…It’s time for Act II.

My Rating: ★★★★☆

My Thoughts: Play It Cool Guys seems like a simple enough premise ― 4 guys approach life calm, collected…cool! But in reality…they are incredible dorky and awkward. Volume 2 showcases yet again, charming full-color artwork that brings the story to life. The series continues to be hilarious and wholesome, further building on the character dynamics established in the first book. Filled with various interconnected stories this series is sure to be a lighthearted comfort read to anyone who picks it up!

I didn’t realize until picking up the second volume of Nata’s hilarious, heartwarming series but to me this series has easily become a comfort read for me…I mean how could it not? Following four unique guys from high school and college students, even a salary man, it never fails to highlight their individual personas plus the awkward goofs that make up their everyday lives!! These books truly put a smile on my face everytime ✨

What makes this book a great addition to the series is seeing how all the guys stories are more interconnected than in the first one, it adds yet another level of humor and laughs seeing how their awkwardness bounces off the other. Shun is eager to study and pass some big exams coming up in order stay on his handball team before a competition, Hayate is starting his new job at the cafe that Shun’s sister runs (who ends up becoming Shun’s tutor for the remainder of chapter 1) and finally meets Souma who finds their awkward collision with each-other very funny, followed by silly singles mixer. Takayuki spends the day looking after his niece, but it was also fun seeing how he blended into the other guys stories. While he didn’t feel quite present in this volume, Souma’s chapter where he made lunch for his older brother was so fun to read, in addition to his silly goof near the ending. I loved how they were all present by the end for Shun’s competition, which leads into a mysterious new character I’m so interested in learning about!

There were many more awkward moments that I’m sure we’ve all experienced at some point: Pushing a door meant to be pulled, thinking a dog that goes near you wants to be petted but instead goes ahead of you, or taking pictures when the lens cap is still on. The situations across each volume so far feel so relatable & honestly, I think the slice of life ambience of the story makes them stand out that much more.

Kokone Nata has such a way of elevating these very typical, slice of life moments by making them full of humor and making them unique to her characters which makes the series even more fun! Let me tell you, never did it cross my mind that this quiet story would get an ANIME ADAPTATION, it was announced back in May and I may have screamed, yep its coming in October of 2022, couldn’t be more thrilled!! 🤭💖

Play It Cool Guys Volume 2 continues with its clever format of anthology-style vignettes to tell the story of 4 guys, who in reality are clumsy & dorky! Shun, Hayate, Souma, & Takyaki each have their own unique quirks throughout the series, which gets highlighted across each volume so far. With the stunning retro-style color artwork to the realism of the characters, this quiet, comedic story is sure to delight any reader who decides to pick it up!


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