A couple months of Reading Slumps, Blogging & Book Mail | Reading Diary pt. 2

March and April so far have been productive & pretty accomplishing outside of the book community for me, but reading-wise I’ve hit a slump. Then luckily over this past weekend, I found myself getting back into reading again! I’ve recently gotten a book-related job that’s been taking up most of my week, it happened a bit fast, however its been such a rewarding experience & mental health-wise has been so good for me.

Honestly I’m often realizing how I forget that hiatuses or slumps are just a normal part of the creative process, which is why I haven’t been posting too much on the blog recently (that & my job), but also it gave me time to just focus on myself and get back into other hobbies for a bit, like mostly (okay only) watching ANIME ✨

Reading-wise I found myself struggling to pick up books and finishing current reads I’d already started back in February….However, I embraced the slump and decided on being more of a mood reader, not focusing too much on new releases for now. I picked up quite a few manga and found myself slowly catching up on series. First I’d read A Tropical Fish Yearns For Snow Vol. 5, which is a yuri manga following Konatsu Amano who moves to a small seaside town and Koyuki, the leader of the school’s aquarium club. Secretly, both girls are very lonely and they slowly find themselves falling for each other but can never get their feelings across. Volume 5 touches heavily upon loneliness, struggling to communicate your feelings to those you love and figuring out post-high school plans through senior Koyuki’s pov. Makoto Hagino’s series is known for its rather slow pacing, but for the themes it explores and deeper layers to the characters it delves into, I don’t necessarily mind. Once I’ve read more volumes, I’m definitely going to be writing a review.

Recently having been watching more cozy anime and becoming (kind of obsessed) with wanting to FIND MORE stories in that similar vein, it actually inspired a Masterlist of Cozy Fantasy reads which was posted on my adult fiction blog. Which inspired my next read, Maggie’s Missing Moonstone: A Magic Library Cozy Mystery by Morgan Vale (★★★.75). There’s nothing that was bad about this short story its got all the small-town cozy mystery vibes with a bit of fantasy: a rather clumsy witch (named Maggie) tries to keep it together before hosting an important event for the witches in town, but things get a bit complicated when she loses her very important Moonstone which she needs before the fest. Also, she works in a magical library how cool is that?! There’s definitely a past to these characters that’s explored a bit and again the actual town itself sounds pretty fascinating…but my biggest problem was the writing style and how it impacted my enjoyment! The more I read, I’ve discovered how much writing style is an element I look for personally, how its used and whether it delivers the story for me in the best way possible. For Vale’s short story it just felt like it was lacking a lot of description and the style really wasn’t for me. There’s a lot of fun and interesting ideas presented, but just not enough time to explore them all.

Next for my third & fourth read, in anticipation for one of my most anticipated animes which recently released on Crunchyroll (its SO good) was the newer volumes of Spy X Family (Vol. 6 + 7). Won’t talk about them too much because I’m planning a in-depth review on these, but I liked how the comedy is more of a focus making it such an equally light + action-packed read that finds time to delve a bit more into the characters. If you have enjoyed Spy X Family, I made a list of YA Book recommendations that you should read if you watched the anime. In between that, I suddenly decided to reread the Witch Hat Atelier manga after *finally it was announced its getting an anime adaptation *ahh

As for my fifth, sixth & seventh reads, well I’m happy that the slump is finally going away because I managed to finish 3 books this past week / weekend. Don’t want to spoil what they are, so be prepared because more reviews are coming 📚🙌

As for my seventh read, it happened to finally be Heartstopper by Alice Oseman which inspired a long-form Blog Essay talking about the art and how it impacted the storytelling. I personally wasn’t the biggest fan of Oseman’s artwork and honestly never see too much discussion or critique on the artwork itself, so if you’d like to read about my thoughts check out my Heartstopper Blog Essay. Also, I’ll be honest I’m always seeing on booktwt people seem to love in-depth / analytical-type of reviews (especially from goodreads) but when its on a blog, it doesn’t always get the same attention, so if you have a minute and would like to comment or share your opinion on my post, it’d be greatly appreciated. 💕

Throughout March & April I found time to post more over at The Booked Shelf, my YA Book News website! There’s been some pretty exciting adaptation news about the graphic novel Nimona and you can read all about it on the blog.

I’ve been the absolute worst at posting book mail recently, so I attempted to catch up on that by posting a bookstagram of an ARC that got sent my way for Belladonna by Adalyn Grace.

To wrap-up this post, I’m trying to get back into blog-hopping more after being away from the blog-o-sphere for a bit, so I wanted to shout-out a few posts from around the book community I’ve read recently: Raji from WordsUnlikeOurOwn posted answers to questions for the weekly Let’s Talk Bookish meme about updating old content. Chelsea from Your Bookish Friend blog is awesome and I always look forward to reading her lovely reviews, which this week was for League Of Liars. Next, Sofii from A Book A Thought always posts lengthy reviews which I love reading and her enthusiasm for whatever she’s reading always comes through! I’m so happy to have read her Gallant review this week. Leisha from Literary Leisha is another one of my favorite bloggers whose posts are always a joy to read and I recently read a Gallant review on her blog as well. Florence from OffBeatBooks wrote a great analysis on Ariadne, if you enjoy literary myth retellings, I cannot resist a superb analytical review & Florence’s posts never disappoint. Shanayah from The Scarlet Bookkeeper wrote an excellent review critiquing The Atlas Six and why it didn’t work for her personally. Sophie from Me & Ink Blog, whose blog I also love dearly, wrote an incredibly formatted post talking about reading Heartstopper for the first time! Always look forward to reading Lila Hardcover Haven’s posts, especially this stunning March Wrap-Up. Jasmine from How Useful It Is reads a variety of kids/children’s books and I loved reading this picture book review about I Am Golden by Eva Chen. Caro from The Bookcheshire Cat wrote a great review for an upcoming graphic novel I’m looking forward to called Chef’s Kiss and thoroughly enjoyed reading about the relatable themes it covers as a New Adult read. And to conclude, I love reading Andge’s reviews from Down The Rabbit Hole which was about the recent YA Release Being Mary Bennet.

What have you read this month? Anything else you’ve been enjoying recently? Any blog accomplishments or posts you’ve been proud of this year?📚🎊

6 thoughts on “A couple months of Reading Slumps, Blogging & Book Mail | Reading Diary pt. 2

  1. Thank you for the shoutout 💝 Congrats on your new job! I can sympathize with you on reading slump.. I’m taking forever to finish with my current reads that I thought why not just review picture books.. that way I can feel accomplished in something 🤣 Maybe watch some shows to take a break. Everyone has been raving Bridgerton. I haven’t seen the Netflix shows yet or read the books..

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  2. Yay to getting back into reading! Slumps can be a pain (but like you say a natural part of life)! Congrats on the new job and I’m so happy to hear it has felt good for you 🥰🥰
    I definitely think big reviews don’t always do the best on blogs either… Sometimes in the long run that can do well though. It is a shame because they take a lot of effort. Your heartstopper one was really interesting and brought some worthwhile points for sure. I hope more people find it 🥰
    Thank you sooo much for the shout out. Your words and support are too kind 🥺❤️❤️

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  3. ahh thank you for including my review in your post!! 🥰

    i’m glad to see you’re coming out of your slump. i’ve been in a mild one for a while and it’s been frustrating. for me, reading is fine. it’s the act of sitting down to read (initially) that’s getting me.

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  4. Loved reading your Reading Diary! ❤️ Congrats on your job, I’m glad that you’re enjoying it 🥳 I also LOVE Spy x Family!! I’m all caught up with it now and cannot wait for the next volume 🥰 I really need to do a Heartsopper reread especially with the TV show now out! Also thank you so much for mentioning my post ❤️

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