Overly Specific Book Recommendations

Have you every had a highly specific concept or thought about the kind of book you want to read? Despite being a mostly YA space, I’ve got recommendations across middle grade, some adult fiction and just a variety of fiction that I never have found the time to talk about on 24hryabookblog. That’s why for today’s post I’m excited to share the first of *yet again another new blog series: “Overly specific Book Recommendations.”

If you have found yourself eager to read something with that particular vibe or concept, well hopefully these recs will be what you’ve been looking for! *Disclaimer: Many of the un-read recs are mostly based on what I’ve heard about / inquired based on the summary that will hopefully make sense with my own description! πŸ˜‚πŸ“š

Stand-up Comedy and mistaken identityStand Up, Yumi Chung! by Jessica Kim

Yumi Chung has a notebook filled with mortifying memories reworked into comedy gold and aspires to be a stand-up comedian. So, after stumbling upon a summer comedy camp taught by one of her favorite YouTube stars, she thinks this is the opportunity she needs. Until she gets mistaken for someone else, but she doesn’t want to risk losing her chance. I’ve had this middle grade on my tbr for some time & this looks like such a fresh and fun story!

Dual POV YA Romance and cozy small town Our Way Back To Always by Nina Moreno

In her return to port coral, Nina Moreno this story follows Lou Patterson and Sam Alvarez who used to be inseparable, but after middle school they stopped talking to each other for years. Then after they rediscover a bucket list, they reunite and rekindle their friendship to finish it up. Through the use of dual POV, you learn so much about our two main leads with the themes of friendship, grief and finding your path all the more real (and memorable). Port Coral feels like such a real place and if you need more cozy small town stories in your life, you need to pick up this former-friends-to-lovers story!

Rising sports star tale set outside the USFuria by Yamile Saied MΓ©ndez

Camila Hassan lives a double life where at home she’s living within her parent’s expectations, but on the field she is a powerhouse known as La Furia. She’s ready to have her talents take her above & beyond. But as she keeps secrets from her parents and needs their permission to move ahead, she’ll have to face them and fight for her dreams. I’m not much a sports person but if it involves soccer, I am so in! I’ve had so many blogger friends say how amazing this is and I for one, will definitely be reading it!

Lord Of The Flies but make it modern and a thriller Lord Of The Fly Fest by Goldy Moldavsky

Rafi Francisco, a true crime podcaster, sets her sights on a heartthrob musician who rose to fame after the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend to help put her podcast on the map and luckily, he’ll be attending the exclusive influencer-filled event, Fly Fest. But after Rafi’s arrival to the island of which the festival’s located, the dream getaway quickly turns into a nightmare…Among the spotty wi-fi, beauty gurus-gone-wild and musician River hiding darker secrets than Rafi anticipated, she may have to fight for her life. I personally never really could get into the Lord Of The Flies in school, but I trust Moldavsky to deliver an original, page-turning thriller that will leave me guessing at every turn!

Atmospheric historical mysteriesThe Silence Of Bones by June Hur

Set during 1800’s Joseon Korea, Seol is indentured to the police bureau, she becomes tasked with working alongside an inspector in a politically-charged murder of a noblewoman. In stories about history, I believe building that atmosphere and setting is so important and June does that the moment you dive into the book. June Hur is a must-read author for me in 2022 and after finally starting her debut I’m loving the atmosphere and ambient of the story that just instantly allows you to picture the setting. Not too far into the story yet, but I can’t wait to discover more!

College roommates turned villains – Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Victor and Eli are completing a senior thesis when an initial objective spirals into ‘what if near death-experiences could trigger something within a person?” Thus leads to experiments and our two academics getting superpowers, then becoming each others arch-enemies. The book poses many underlying themes about ambition, jealousy and is just such a thrilling read cover to cover. There’s quite a few flashbacks to Victor and Eli’s time at university which is sure to appeal to those who love academia in sci-fi settings, plus if you enjoy past/present pov’s, anti-heroes, and character-driven stories, this book will indeed deliver. Back before my blog, this was actually the first VE Schwab book and venture into adult fiction that I’d ever read, which gave me the confidence to read more of this genre in the future!

Heist that discusses colonization of art, identity, plus is inspired by a true story – Portrait Of A Thief by Grace D. Li

So if a book has a heist I will read it, its just a fact. Looks like it’ll have all the classic crew members: the thief, con artist, getaway driver, a hacker?! Yes! I’ve seen lots of buzz about Grace’s debut around booktwt and I find art history to be so fascinating, plus not many heist stories delve into the topic of colonialism, which often so rarely talked about. I’m personally even more excited to read this book with each passing day after reading blogger friend Cossette’s review.

Gender-bent retelling of the Three Musketeers – One For All by Lillie Lainoff

Tania de Batz wants to be a fencer just like her father who was a former Musketeer. Then one day he’s mysteriously murdered and she completes his final wish: for her to attend finishing school. But Tania soon learns its a secret training ground for socialite women who are secretly Musketeers under the surface who protect France from downfall! The novel feat. a MC who has POTS and is set in a fantastical version of 17th Century France. Also, based on the author’s tweets, this book is also about swords, kicking butt in fancy dresses and sisterhood, NEED! & Yes to all the retellings! I’m eagerly awaiting for this one to arrive at my library.

Do any of these specific synopses match any specific books you’ve been interested in reading or perhaps have on your TBR? πŸ“šβœ¨

So, I’ve been taking an unexpected hiatus from blogging mostly because of a lack of ideas, trying to catch up on reading & adjusting to a new job! Hope you enjoyed today’s debut of a new blog series, I felt inspired to finally bring this idea to my blog because I’ve seen it around booktube and always find them fun to watch. I want to focus more on actually reading books for now, so I’ll be experimenting with new ideas in the coming weeks and I hope you enjoy! πŸ’—πŸ“š

If you have a moment I’d love your opinion on what post you’d like to see here on 24hryabookblog: Books to get you out of a reading slump, another Reading Diary, upcoming releases I’m excited for, or recent & newly released books that need more hype / buzz?

10 thoughts on “Overly Specific Book Recommendations

    1. I’m making it a goal to finally read FURIA this year Sofii, so excited! & Yes Fly Fest sounds so interesting, love that my post inspired you to add it to your tbr πŸ₯° Thank you so much for reading πŸ’•

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  1. I think overly specific book recs are amazing and yes I now need to read all of these books!!
    Our Way Back To Always seems like a great book and perfect for me. Dual POV is so great for romance and the setting seems idyllic 😍
    I had not heard of Lord Of The Fly Fest but it sounds so unique and amazing!! Added straight on the TBR!
    Portrait of a Theif sounds soo good too!! 😍😍 *just in love with all these books*
    I loved this post (and all your upcoming posts sound great, truly, I love your reading diaries and recent releases that deserve more hype sound amazing though 😍) Sending best wishes πŸ’œπŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you enjoy Our Way Back To Always, the dual POV was my favorite! & thank you so much for your detailed, lovely comment, hopefully once I catch up on blog hopping I’ll finally post another reading diaries & upcoming hyped books list. Thank you for the kind words Sophie! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•

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