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With 2022 not too far away now, I discovered it was time to prioritize the books I’ve been putting off and quite frankly lying to myself that I’d actually get to them within a reasonable amount of time to review on the blog (which let’s be fair, that to-read list is massive). But instead of a TBR post I thought it would be a fun, collaborative idea of sorts to have you, fellow reader decide which of these books I should read over the next month and check atleast one book off my never-ending list of reads. But before that, I wanted to chat about what’s been going on with me:

As a book blogger a long-standing question that emerges in my mind whenever sentiments of a slump or lack of interest in posting or reading in general come up I wonder, does that mean something is wrong? Is my blogging career over? Of course not, but I think we as bloggers, bookish influencers, etc. often put pressure on ourselves to generate content out of routine, at least that’s how I’ve been feeling over the past couple months. Despite being more proud of my posts, there’s this continual reminder that I need to keep creating, which sometimes isn’t always a good thing.

This year especially I’ve needed to reflect on my mental health and realize it’s okay to not post or stay active in the book community all the time, if anything stepping back is what can encourage a more refreshed outlook on ideas & make it better. Do any other book bloggers feel this way? If so, I’m right there with you! As the weeks go by I’m constantly reminding myself that even if I’m not posting, that just leaves more opportunity to blog hop, read posts or just take time to do other things and that is not a bad thing. I’m sorry that there may be weeks where I’m interacting more versus others, but know that there’s genuine love & support from me to all the wonderful bloggers and readers who’ve stuck with me or I’ve gotten to know! 💕

I’m crawling out of a complicated reading slump and what’s helped me is manga, catching up on anime, going to my local library to checkout even more books that I’ll probably take forever to read, and thinking about anticipated reads that are bringing me joy! Recently, I also got back into creating bookish edits or graphics because I’m always seeing them float around tumblr & occasionally book twitter, so the time came for me to work my graphic design muscles again, so that’s been pretty fun.

Over the next few months I do want to bring more reviews and just catch up on books, especially YA because there’s been lots of new, exciting stuff being published. So far I’ve read almost 50 books and naturally as this is a Young Adult space I just want to catch up on as many as I can before 2022 arrives.

When it comes to 24hryabookblog I’ve been planning more posts and other content that can be created aside from reviews, which has genuinely gotten me incredibly thrilled to dive back into different ideas I’ve kept to the side and try to not be afraid in creating more experimental book content, so I’ll be working on that over the next couple months. Plus, catch up on other projects I’ve left to the side. Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for:


From this list there’s 5 different books to pick from and be sure to COMMENT, so whichever has the most I’ll pick it up and read it this month! So excited to see which one wins and either way, I do plan to read each of these at some point:

In addition to these other reads include: a GRAPHIC NOVEL or LATINX YA pick!

I’m planning to read other books as well, but I thought this would be a good mix some fantasy, sci-fi, and free picks to keep my options open. Hope you enjoyed today’s post and eager to see which book is the winner. I have a manga review in the works which should be coming this week. Happy November everyone!

Which do you pick as my next read? How has your reading been going this year, any fun bookish updates you’d like to share? 📚✨

5 thoughts on “Choose My Next Read & Updates │ Let’s Chat

  1. Congrats on reading nearly 50 books this year, I look forward to reading the new content that you have been planning! I would be interested on hearing your thoughts on Legendborn, as its currently on my TBR.


  2. I hope you don’t feel too much pressure about blogging or creating content. It’s important you read whatever you feel like reading. I haven’t read any of the book options, but I would say go with The Bronzed Beast, so at least you can say “I finished this series”. Happy reading!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing how blogging has been going for you Karina, I really resonated with what you said, and it indeed is truly important to prioritise mental health and remember that blogging doesn’t have to be a full time commitment, but rather a hobby at the side which brings joy! Of the three books there, I’ve only read Legendborn, albeit the slow start and a few info dumps, it was such an innovative and meaningful read, I’ll be voting for that one! All the best with your end of year TBR, great post as always! 💗


  4. Taking a step back has probably been the hardest thing I’ve had to learn as a blogger. I think a lot of us put too much pressure on ourselves when it comes to our blogs and when we aren’t producing content, we feel like we are failing. Unlearning this attitude is something I’m still working on and I’ve been blogging for seven years! I vote for Gearbreakers because I also need to read that one and I just love how unique it sounds. We had so many good sapphic releases this year and hopefully we see even more next year.


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