Bookish Opinions: Sharing My Book-Related Thoughts

There’s lots of bookish opinions I’ve realized I NEVER had time to talk about on the blog, so I thought today’s post would be a fun idea to learn more about overly specific thoughts I have about book-related topics, certain books or just share some opinions with you all! 📚✨

I know disclaimers aren’t necessary, but I’d just like to add: these are just how I feel about these particular ideas and thought it would be interesting to share! I’d LOVE to hear what you think (no matter if you agree or disagree), I’m genuinely interested in starting discussions about these opinions and hear about what you think too.

Starting off with I guess a more “controversial” one: The Book Community needs to let go of Six Of Crows

Okay wow that was a lot, let’s unpack this! While I read it initially during release I had a great time with SOC and the subsequent Crooked Kingdom, it just feels like there’s other books out there I truly love that don’t have the same amount of attention that this duology gets, whether its with fanart, discussions, and just content in general. Other bookish fandoms online are in another word just, dead outside of occasional goodreads reviews or tweets, maybe a booktok or two. While Leigh Bardugo crafts this duology well, I personally just don’t love it as much as everyone else does & the more that time has passed tbh, I now find it to be super overhyped.

I just get tired sometimes of seeing SOC held up as a pinnacle of the perfect fantasy book with flawless character arcs, worldbuilding, execution of heists, representation, dialogue etc. and while it’s easy to see why so many people agree, there’s just so many books out there I think deserve equal if not more praise too.

SOC is the kind of book that’s kind of stuck in my mind for a bit too long and I wish it didn’t. The downside to its immense popularity is that there’s this stigma that nothing can exceed or improve on what it’s done in YA Fantasy (which of course is not true). So, at times the Six Of Crows duology seems to feel like an enduring title in the book community consciousness which won’t find a replacement.

My reading habits have changed a lot over the past couple years and I’m more eager to annotate my books

I know, right? I’ve always been the kind of person to be super protective of my books as I’m sure many of us are but I think back in 2018 when The Gilded Wolves came out I really wanted to keep track of my digital notes and quotes in a much easier way so then it got me to tab up my arc, which I had a lot of fun doing! Now when I look at the unread books on my tbr shelf, I feel motivated to, if not highlight them at least just sticky tab or write my thoughts on sticky notes and stick them onto the pages. Surprisingly I’ve become more comfortable in planning this thanks to booktok!

I personally don’t like how books are pitched through Tropes online

Wow there’s a lot I can say about this topic!! To start, it feels like to me I didn’t really notice this becoming more of a thing until a couple years ago on twitter (2018-2019 ish?) or maybe it’s always been there and I just never realized until this past year? I’m not sure but now when I’m seeing books talked about or pitched on my timeline, it feels like there’s more of an emphasis on tropes to describe character dynamics and general plot points (especially in fantasy) which also kinda comes off as a spoiler to me. I think what makes me dislike this idea a lot is that because literary tropes are obviously in lots of stories anyways without us realizing, it makes them stand out a lot more and therefore, makes me think too much about how they’re being executed. Like basically if someone hears ‘enemies-to-lovers’ I’m sure we’ll have very different ideas on how we want to read it in a story right? 

What makes me dislike this as the emphasized way to talk about books, is that it gives you certain expectations about the characters or character dynamics without having read the book yet or experiencing the story for yourself, which oftentimes for me never turns out how I want it to. While I truly believe in the genuine value of describing books in this way, I just HATE how it messes with my expectations of a story.

I’d prefer Book Adaptations take more risks than try to copy the book directly onto screen

Ever since writing my article about Animated Book Adaptations, I still stand by this idea that book adaptations need to take more risks not only when adapting the novel, but with the medium too. There’s infinite opportunities to take the spirit of a book and still make the adaptation fresh and different. Especially if studios decided to take a novel and turn it into a stunning piece of animation…tbh I think animated adaptations can potentially be the future!

Despite its flaws, Netflix’s Shadow & Bone does a good job at taking Leigh’s source material and trying to make it work for a TV series to add a bit more to the world while also tackling the story in a unique way.

I’m the kind of reader who ends up appreciating or reaching for lesser known & under-the-radar books

I feel like I’ve always been this way, especially when I first got into YA. For example when YA Dystopia was still big, I never really gravitated towards Divergent or The Hunger Games, instead the first book that introduced me to dystopia was Marie Lu’s Legend Series which from my perspective back then, didn’t seem as hyped up.

The books I often find myself reading and loving usually also end up being books that take more unique approaches to traditional genres or categories, while also taking risks to tell a story that for me, comes across as one-of-a-kind and overall, aren’t talked about as much.

I don’t mind First-Person POV when reading a book

I usually see whether based on ratings, reviews or other bookish content that people don’t really like the use of 1st person POV. I’m sort of on the unpopular side of this where I actually love it and whenever its done well, I find it can elevate the book every time! I like that the author can come up with a unique voice to match the character and make their journey feel so personal because of it.

When it comes to popular or even just new YA releases, I feel like there’s a 50% / 50% chance I’ll either get to it within a reasonable time or after an entire year

With so many books I need to catch up on, this list evidently gets bigger and bigger every year! However with books that are pretty popular or getting lots of buzz leading up to release, I notice I often struggle with prioritizing them in a timely fashion and then end up not reading them. I think its partly because of all the praise I hear, I just hesitate because of my personal expectations. While I genuinely want to read all of the books to stay in the loop with all the conversation, these days I take a bit longer to read them. Or its often just because there’s so many new titles coming out and I can’t figure out what to pick up. But I guess that just means there’s more books in the future to look forward to! ❤

The Gilded Wolves is still underrated in my eyes when it comes to YA Fantasy

Okay there’s so many that fit this too, but TGW is one that always sticks out to me! The crew and their deeply complex stories, the clever puzzles, the enchanting setting and dazzling story are utterly brilliant, truly not being appreciated enough! I genuinely love all of the characters and think they definitely rank high on the list of my favorite crews of all time. Séverin, Laila, Zofia, Enrique, Hypnos, their dynamics + shenanigans on heists or whichever adventure they are on, priceless!

Hardcover or Paperback? Depends on the book, but in general I like both

I feel like there’s a clear preference with this one and for me I actually don’t mind either! They both have their value in my eyes and I enjoy both of them for different reasons. For example with bigger fantasy books, paperback seems more convenient. However, if there’s a book I absolutely love and want to display on my shelf, hardcover is the way to go. Overall, I find myself jumping back and forth between these two.

Thanks so much for joining me on first bookish opinions post, I hope you had fun reading more of my thoughts & I’d be happy to make more of these posts in the future (also recommend me more topics to cover if you think there’s something you’d like to hear my thoughts on)! Any specific ones you want to chat more about? I’d be happy to in the comments too!

Lets chat! What are some of your bookish opinions? Thoughts on the ones I’ve shared? 📚💭

18 thoughts on “Bookish Opinions: Sharing My Book-Related Thoughts

  1. Great thoughts! I wasn’t a huge fan of Leigh Bardugo’s books so I can understand your feelings towards it, haha. I feel like all I hear about is her books. Holly Black, and SJM. I would like to see people branch out a bit more, you know?
    I also understand the ya releases and getting to some right away and others it takes much longer. I think it just depends on how excited I am for them!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I ALWAYS feel like when it comes to LB’s books I’m in the minority, glad to see someone else agrees! Its also just a me thing where I need to not think about them so much and focus on other books instead 😅 Totally on the same page with you about branching out, but I guess there’s just certain books that will be more popular than others. YEP! With YA it can either be months or years, no in between haha, but I’m trying to prioritize new releases so they don’t pile up. Thanks so much for reading Joanna! 💕

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  2. ikr! I am super super protective of my books too but recently I’ve been wanting to annotate the special moments in them! It scares me to do so but I’m gonna try it anyway 😁❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Me too, I’ve always been that way but now I see annotating as something that makes the reading experience more fun! Would LOVE to know your progress on annotating, feel free to update me! 😍 Thanks for reading Diya! 💖


  3. great post! I really agreed with a lot of your points, especially about how SoC is considered the Pinnacle of YA fantasy – I loved the duology so much, but I hate it when people always compare other fantasy and heist novels to it. And yes about the thing with tropes too, we all have different ideas on how tropes are and should be executed! 💛

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Exactly, agreed & I feel like people who do compare soc to books often unintentionally do it more to authors of color’s works in a more negative way too. I feel like no one else really talks about the trope thing and that one is something that has kind of bugged me recently 😅 Thanks for reading Saima! 😄💕

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  4. I definitely agree with you! I would love to see more animated book adaptation, especially fantasy ones. Each adaption should bring something new to it. This reminds me of the book series Howl’s Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones. The book and the (anime) movie are vastly different, but each are great in its light and not a carbon copy.

    One thing I love about ebooks is how easy it is to highlight or favorite quotes. I’m so hesitant to mark any physical book not written in verse because my hand with a highlighter isn’t always steady lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Right? I would love to see book adaptations that take more risks with animation and atleast attempt to create something new. I haven’t read Howl’s Moving Castle, but I have read that both the movie and book differ from each other which makes for a unique adaptation (I looove the ghibli movie). I personally find ebooks difficult to read sometimes, but yes I completely see how it would make it so easy to annotate and yep, sometimes when I highlight on books it isn’t always perfect, but looking back I don’t mind, i think the imperfection makes it more special! 🥰 Thanks so much for reading Destiny! 😍


  5. I love reading books that are under the radar. Everyone is always reading the popular ones, and it’s sad for the books that don’t get as much attention because honestly, they’re just as good… probably better 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here, I LOVE reading books that not everyone has checked out or don’t have the same amount of hype, I often find lots of hidden gems! I agree, compared to more popular books, sometimes under-the-radar ones just have something special about them 💕(lol yes oftentimes they ARE better). Thanks for reading Benjamin! 😁✨


  6. Ahh I loved this post!! It was insightful reading your thoughts with regards to Six of Crows, I personally loved the duology, especially because so many hyped books fell flat while it was the exception, but I do agree with you, it shouldn’t always be used as the epitome of a good fantasy book, there are many others that deserve the same attention! I also appreciate your sharing on the way books are pitched with tropes, it definitely steals the joy of being surprised by how the book turns out, and the expectations more often than not are not met. Loved this discussion, great post! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh absolutely, no doubt the hype for it makes a lot of sense & yes that’s mainly my issue with the book as well that it gets so much praise that many other great novels have not. I feel like I’m definitely in the minority when it comes to the trope topic, lots of people love that and its not my personal favorite way to discuss books necessarily 😓 Thanks for reading Cherelle! 💕

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  7. I loved this post!!! ❤️ I love reading other readers’ opinions about books in general and I think like you about don’t mind if the POV is in first person, in fact, I like it, I think it has a much more personal approach and is super enjoyable as much as those in third person, which I don’t mind reading either. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you Sofii, yes so glad to be part of the first person pov club, its my favorite perspective oftentimes when I’m reading 🥺💕 I agree that those are the exact reasons why I love it so much, thanks again for reading & commenting Sofii! 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I really didn’t get the hype for Six Of Crows – I felt that they really came to life in the TV show, but in the book it felt like we were constantly being dragged away from the main story by the flashbacks. And I also love finding lesser known books! Some of my favourite books aren’t well known.


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