Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know by Candace Rose Rardon

Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know by Candace Rose RardonStuff Every Tea Lover Should Know by Candace Rose Rardon

Publisher: Quirk Books

Release Date: April 14, 2020

Pages: 144

Available Through The Book Depository: Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know

Cover Design: Elissa Flanigan

Summary: Tea is arguably the most popular beverage in the world, but there’s more to know beyond the colorful boxes sold at your local grocery store. Like wine and beer, each tea variety has its own distinct history, source, and flavor profile, from Darjeeling to matcha to Silver Needle. Tea is also embedded in the traditions of many cultures around the world and is shared with others through distinctive ceremonies that include unique customs, foods, and accessories. Within the pages of this pocket-sized guide, you’ll find information, how-tos, and trivia for tea lovers of all levels. Experts and newbies alike will learn about:

• Tea Bags vs. Loose Leaf
• How to Prepare Tea
• Tea Families and Common Varieties
• Tea Traditions around the World
• How to Host an Afternoon Tea for Adults
• How to Throw a Tea Party for Children
• And more!

*Requested a copy from the publisher*

My Rating: ★★★★☆

My Thoughts: A great pocket-sized guide for those wanting to learn more about tea, its history, different families, among many other interesting facts you may not have considered before! 

As an avid tea drinker, I just had to see what this book was all about and decided to request it. There’s a lot to discover in this charming guidebook! 🍵🌿🧡

Rardon’s packed a lot of detail into this and I loved how she continuously reiterated tea’s origins in China. As someone not too knowledgeable to tea history, I felt I really got a better understanding of all its different layers, sides, and overall its impact around the world.

There’s a nice highlight of tea history to start off the book, which I felt was a really great choice because its brief and pulls you right in.

Some of my favorite facts throughout the book included: Learning about a Matcha tea whisk (I never knew this was a thing!), the pros/cons of tea bags, and learning more about the specific tea families.

There’s occasional diagrams to highlight the anatomy of a tea plant, tea accessories, and illustrations near the end. Though I will say that this book is very text heavy.

It’s great Rardon focused a lot of the information on tea in Asia because, as mentioned above, that’s where a majority of its history originates. The overall presentation of each section is well thought out and offers a lot of information.

There’s lots of detail facts about the different tea families (which is one of the larger sections), there’s families I’d never heard of before. So again, it was a nice, light read for those interested in learning more about this amazing drink.

My only gripe is that although it can be quick to read, the information is all super fascinating, and Rardon has a nice writing style, it can feel a bit dense at times if you decide to read through a lot of sections in just a couple sittings. Again, the writing is good, but because there’s a lot of explanation packed into such few paragraphs, the pacing does drag.

The sections with the best writing included the timeline, parts of the ‘Tea Basics’ section, learning about the tea families and the ‘Tea Traditions Around The World.’

Another one of my favorite sections was the one about ‘Taiwan’s Bubble Tea’ aka milk tea boba. That’s probably my #1 favorite tea drink, aside from actual tea and I absolutely loved learning about its origins. That section was so much fun to read!

Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know is a delightful guide that’s packed with lots of great info and although the writing can feel a bit dense at times, it’s an enjoyable read that will also leave you wanting to make yourself a nice cup of tea!

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