2019 Book Blog Wrap-Up

Hey, 24hr.YABookBlog here (~Λ˜β–ΎΛ˜)~ πŸ’žβœ¨πŸ“š It feels like 2019 just started and now can you believe we’re going into 2020?

In today’s blog post I’m wrapping up 2019, which includes sharing my favorite blog posts, highlighting specific accomplishments, and reflecting on my 2019 book blogging year as a whole! I’m also currently drafting my list of top reads of the year, so keep an eye out for that in 2020!

I just want to start by saying that in 2020, it’ll mark my 5 YEARS as a book blogger! I’m incredibly grateful to the wonderful bookish friends I’ve made both on/offline and just–thank you so much to each and every one of you for checking out 24hr.YABookBlog, it really means a lot to me! πŸ’–πŸ’–

The Gilded Wolves by Roshani ChokshiFirstly, in 2019 one of my first 5-star reads was The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi! From the phenomenal world-building, intricate plot/backstories, dazzling writing to following the AMAZING crew of SΓ©verin, Hypnos, Enrique, Zofia, Laila & Tristan (I literally adopted all of them from pg. 1 & want to protect this crew no matter what)– My expectations were extremely high for Chokshi’s newest series and I’m happy to say that at every turn this book continued to go above and beyond!

This was one of my favorite books of the year and I’m SO excited to see what happens in The Silvered Serpents (though I’m heartbroken that the wait for this sequel is well into September 2020 😭).

As I was reading TGW, I really enjoyed annotating my favorite quotes/moments that I felt inspired to create my first Reading Diary. This post was a lot of fun because it was nice to look back and see my initial thoughts as I read. It also felt very personal and I liked the fact that I had a place to record all my thoughts/emotions while reading and be able to share it with all of you!

2019 was a year of new features on my blog and I loved creating every single one of them:Β 

β† Β  Bookish Theories: Us avid readers always have new books to look forward to &Β I felt inspired to create this post because I always have theories or ideas of the direction my most anticipated books will take before their released! I had a lot of fun theorizing King Of Scars and I’m planning on finally reading it in 2020!

β†  Book BloggerΒ Recommendations:Β I’ve made a lot of wonderful blogger friends and in 2019 I wanted to highlight books they were looking forward to and inspire other bloggers to check out their content! With this feature, it was a lot of fun to see why they were excited about these upcoming releases!

β†  Bookish Buzz: Life can get busy and its difficult to always talk about the newest releases I’m looking forward to with reviews, other posts, etc.! I’ve had SO much fun with this feature because I get to share a list of tons of upcoming books and get them on people’s radars!

β†  Fictional Faves:Β As an aspiring YA writer, one of my favorite parts of the creation process has always revolved around my characters! So, I was inspired to create this fun post where I share what fictional characters would love/enjoy from our world! I DEFINITELY want to continue this feature in 2020!

In 2020, definitely expect more of these features on the blog! I’ve had so much fun creating each of these and I hope you’ll check them out in the new year! πŸŽ‰πŸ“š

joyce-mccown-791673-unsplash booksI also became a Book Of The Month YA Affiliate! This was such a complete surprise to me and I’ve had a lot of fun promoting the box! There’s also a fun giveaway planned for Holly Black’s The Queen Of Nothing (my December 2019 pick!).

I was also part of a couple of fun blog tours!

2019 was also the year I posted less wrap-ups! It was something I’d actually been considering for a while and now I’ll be sticking to seasonal wrap-ups when I have time. They honestly just took up a lot of time for me this past year and I feel its taken away more stress than I initially thought! πŸ’–

In 2019 I also created a Library Pre-Order Campaigns page and a blog post to go along with it! I’m planning to keep this updated in 2020 too! πŸ“šπŸ“šβœ¨

There were also tons of fantastic debuts in 2019 and I’m so happy for the amazing opportunities I had to interview some wonderful authors:

πŸ…βš” Swati Teerdhala for The Tiger At Midnight

πŸ’‘πŸŽ™Lauren Shippen for The Infinite Noise (based on her sci-fi audio drama podcast, The Bright Sessions)

πŸŒ™βœ¨ Isabel IbaΓ±ez for Woven In Moonlight (coming in Jan. 2020) β†  I’m currently reading this and if your looking for a character-driven, political YA Fantasy pick up Isabel’s book! Its also an #OwnVoices Latinx (Bolivian) YA!

I’ve also been getting back into comics and if you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen occasional tweets about my latest obsession: SERA AND THE ROYAL STARS!! It’s a female-led, epic fantasy adventure comic where a princess goes on a journey to help her country during their civil war! I highly recommend checking out this comic πŸ’«πŸΉ

During Summer 2019 I also launched The Booked Shelf, a YA Book news site! I feel there’s a lot of book news that goes under the radar, so in 2020 I hope to continue keeping this site active!

2019 was also the year for more discussions on my blog and I’ve been incredibly proud of them! In 2020 I really hope to share even more bookish discussions and spark more conversation! To highlight here are some of my favorites:

β†  How The Book Internet Is Influencing Our Reading: In this discussion I share stats on how online bookish communities are influencing the market and explore the idea that the bookish internet determines what we read!

β†  Animation And Its Potential To Break The Mold Of YA Adaptations: Exploring the beauty of animation, I discuss why there’s so much potential for YA Books to be adapted into animated features!

YA Book Comparisons + Discussing #OwnVoices & Diverse Books:Β In this discussion I explore something I’ve noticed when it comes to book comparisons between authors of color & white authors (even how it influences peoples ratings). This is only one side of a pretty large discussion, but I had such a fun time delving into this topic and am glad so many agreed!

I don’t always talk about the latest entertainment news outside of books, but I really want to make more of an effort to do so in 2020 (even find ways to incorporate it into the blog)! So during August of 2019, I had a lot of fun sharing a bookish list inspired by the D23 announcement of a new Disney+ show in the works for Ms.Marvel!

Now here’s some 2019 Book Blog/Bookish Stats:

# Of Books Read In 2019: 54

Witch Hat Atelier Vol. 3 by Kamome ShirahamaLast book read (as of Dec. 31): Witch Hat Atelier Volume 3 β†  This is a beautifully illustrated manga series that follows Coco, a young girl who dreams of becoming a witch! But, it can only be discovered by select few! Soon, she’s given a chance to learn what it takes to be a witch, with her instructor Qifrey! The art evokes the style of old fairy tales, the world-building, storytelling, artwork, and characters are all phenomenal! I highly recommend this manga series, its not only magical, but captivating!

Based on my 2019 Reading Goals + 2018 Wrap-Up & 2019 Book Goals posts, here are some of the goals I accomplished:

  • Goodreads Goal of 20 Books
  • Expand on blog features:Β I felt inspired this year to create a lot of new ones and I had tons of fun with them
  • 2019 Bullet Journal: Though I didn’t keep up with it throughout 2019, there was definitely a lot of inspiration that’s kept me motivated to complete a good number of pages & even keep up with it in 2020!
  • Read/Review More Manga: I started 4 new series and continued with 4 series! I’ve really been getting back into manga this year and I have a lot of series on my to-read list for 2020!
  • Continue reading diversely:Β As the years go by, I really want to continue prioritizing reading books by authors of color & #OwnVoices! Out of the 54 books I read in 2019, 41 books were #OwnVoices (so 75%) and 72% of the books I read were by authors of color!

I’m incredibly happy with over 75% of my ‘Read’ books in 2019 having been from #OwnVoices authors, authors of color, or having inclusive representation in some way! πŸ˜πŸ’œ

I’m proud of what I accomplished in 2019 and in 2020 I want to continue not only reading but actively promoting inclusive books as much as I can! πŸ’žπŸ“š

  • Keep up with Bookstagram: I managed to post over 52X’s in 2019 and I’m definitely in a much happier place with Bookstagram! Though I still have some gripes with it, I really want to continue posting more actively in 2020!Β 
  • Change my book review style: Over the past few years I’d been wanting to bring more depth to my reviews and this is a goal I’m VERYΒ happy to have accomplished this year! My goal is to continue making my reviews more personal and tackle more layers to every book I read! One review that I’m really proud of that explored this was Sorcery Of Thorns!
  • Be more social on Twitter: Twitter is probably one of the 1st places I go to (besides my blog) to have more conversation! I’m pretty shy, but I feel that this year I definitely made more strides to be social on the platform: I made so many new blogger friends and I hope in 2020 to bring more conversation and just promote more books!

Now here are some goals that I didn’t anticipate at the start of 2019, but accomplished them throughout the year:

  • Read Non-Fiction: I read 3 books that could count as nonfiction titles and I’m glad I branched out to this genre!Β  I don’t reach for or read nonfiction all too often, but I’ve added more to my TBR this year and hope to explore the genre more in 2020!
  • Track my library check-outs: I‘ve utilized my library each and every year, but this year I started a library tracker list in my bullet journal to see how many of my ‘Read’ books in 2019 were titles I’ve borrowed. I also created a separate list to track how much money I saved from checking out at the library! In 2020, its my goal to save even more money as a book blogger and I want to start a list ASAP at the start of the new year!
  • Creating new content: Though I didn’t post as much as previous years, I’ve been very happy with the discussions, blogs, and posts that I’ve created in 2019! There was definitely a creative fulfillment that I felt and that energy is something I want to take in 2020!
  • Starting a Readathon: Earlier this month, I shared the info for my first readathon in 2020! It was something that I never expected to have created, but I hope you’ll be able to join me in the #QuietReadathon! This readathon is to inspire more conversation and prioritizing of the quiet/underrated books on our TBRs!

And those were just some of the highlights of my blog in 2019! Thanks so much to everyone for making 2019 an unforgettable year! πŸ˜„πŸ“šπŸŽ‰βœ¨

What were some of your 2019 Bookish or Blog accomplishments? Lets discuss!! πŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ“šπŸ’«

11 thoughts on “2019 Book Blog Wrap-Up

    1. Thank you Alicia, wishing you an amazing 2020 too! & WHAT!? πŸ˜±πŸ’– Alicia, that is SO kind of you!! Thank you so much for letting me borrow it! Not sure when I’m planning to read it yet, but I’ll let you know! πŸ˜­πŸ’žπŸ’–

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  1. Ah you’ve had such a busy, busy year and you’ve done so many incredible things, too, wow! I love all of these features you’ve had on your blog and always love other bloggers’ recommendations, too. I’ll be looking forward to more of these and to more of your posts this year for sure!! ❀ Have a fantastic 2020! ❀ ❀

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  2. Oh my gosh, you had SUCH a good year!!! I mean, I’ve been loving all your content, but seeing them listed out like this makes me realize how much you’ve been working on. ❀ And I missed the Quiet Readathon announcement, but it's such an awesome idea! And you had me at "Be creative" haha. I'll try to brainstorm some ideas!

    Happy 2020!!! ❀ ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kathy, I didn’t realize how much content I created until I was looking back at my posts for this wrap-up!! & YES, the readathon was really unexpected, but its been super fun & inspired me to read more backlist books! Hope you can join ^_^ & Right? I feel like there’s a lot of new content I want to create, but I definitely think I still need to brainstorm too! & Welcome back from your hiatus!!πŸ’–πŸ’–


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