#QuietReadAThon: My first Readathon coming in 2020!

Hey everyone, 24hr.YABookBlog here! Today I’m bringing a very special post because…I’m hosting my first ever Readathon for 2020! (~Λ˜β–ΎΛ˜)~ πŸŽ‰πŸ“šπŸ’ž

Us book lovers, we all have those books we’ve read and loved― and yet…they are still left under the radar! With the #QuietReadathon, my hope is that it will encourage conversation and inspire you to chat more about those quiet/underrated books! Overall I just want this readathon to inspire people to talk more about books they feel really deserve more love and seek out books that not everyone may be reading!

Quiet Books Readathon Banner

Info about #QuietReadAThon

  • It’ll run from January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020
  • The Readathon will feature prompts you can use throughout the year to talk about those underrated books! (No set order or time for these prompts, you decide! You can also repeat as many prompts as you want!)
  • Be creative! πŸ’–βœ¨ It doesn’t just have to be blog posts! You can create Bookstagrams, TBR Lists, bullet journal spreads, videos, etc.
  • Also, please be encouraged to tackle different kinds of books:

Incorporate/discuss manga, graphic novels, non-fiction, literary magazines, poetry, comics, any kind of literature you like!

  • Link back to this post, credit me, and use the hashtag #QuietReadathon if you decide to join & are following any of the prompts below
  • PLEASE tag me if you decide to participate, I’d LOVE to see all your posts! πŸ˜πŸ’–
    ➀ ➀ You can find me on Instagram @24hr_yabookblog & Twitter @24hryabookblog! Remember to use the #QuietReadathon hashtag so I can share and checkout your posts! ➀➀

Now to share the prompts for the #QuietReadathon:

1. Share your all-time favorite read that isn’t often talked about

We all have those books we absolutely love, but just don’t see them getting a lot of conversation! Now, you can start it, so talk about why you love this book and feel it deserves more hype!

2.Talk about your favorite books that you feel have been quiet

The book community moves pretty quickly, I mean can you believe were already close to 2020? Reflect on past books you’ve read and discuss your favorites that have gone under the radar! This is your chance to tell everyone about the books you feel are underrated! Create any kind of post you’d like and inspire people to pick these books up!

3. Talk about books, read or unread, that have under 5k ratings on Goodreads

Goodreads is to go-to place to discover new books! There’s tons of new worlds to discover that our TBR overflows with thousands of choices! Check out books that are around, but not yet close to the 5k mark! (This can mean including them in a blog post, read/make reviews, feature them in a booktube video, talk about them in a bookish photo, tweet about them, etc.)!

4. Read a book with under 1k ratings on Goodreads

Many fantastic books often don’t reach that 1k mark! This is your chance to discover or check out a lesser-known book that doesn’t have many ratings.

5. Read a book with under 500 ratings on Goodreads

These books are so quiet you’ve barely heard them. Go through that Goodreads TBR and find a book that interests you that has less than 500 ratings! It may become a new favorite! ❀

6. A completed series that’s gone under the radar

While we’re looking forward to reading that hot new series everyone is talking about, let’s look back at finished series that may not have gotten a whole lot of buzz and read it! This can also be a series you personally feel is underrated!

7. Go through an author’s backlist your interested in & read their work with the fewest ratings

Authors are magicians, creating one book after another! However, there’ll always be books that the author is best known for. This is your chance to discover one of their lesser-known works and get people talking about it again!

8. Share a stack of your favorite underrated books

Who doesn’t love a good bookstagram? Gather up your all-time favorite underrated books and post a bookish photograph!

9.Check out highly anticipated backlist title you weren’t able to get to and read it!

Each and every year there’s new books to look forward to that our TBR can often get out of control. Look back at your personal To-Read list from the past few years and check out one book you’d really been looking forward to and read/review it!

10. Pick up a book with under a 3.9 Star rating on Goodreads β˜…

Ratings can often be subjective and you’ll never know if you like a book, until you read it! Read & review a book on your Goodreads To-Read shelf that has less than a 3.9 rating!

11. Backlist Boost

Look back at your TBR of books you own and choose a backlist title (or titles) that you’ve been interested in reading! Talk about why you’ve been interested in picking them up, then read & review them!

12.Reread a favorite book you feel is underrated

Us avid readers have countless favorites, but decide on one that you feel deserves more hype! Reread that gem of a book that has a special place in your heart and get people talking about it!

13. Bookish Shout-Out

Talk about a recent release that you don’t want to be left under the radar!

14. If You Love ____, Read ____

Read or recommend an underrated book that could be compared to a more popular title

(For example: If You Love SIX OF CROWS, Read THE GILDED WOLVES)

15. 2020 Vision

Look back at your TBR and pick up any book that was released within the past 20 years

If your planning to participate please let me know in the comments and throughout the year I’ll be including more prompts to choose from, so keep checking back to this blog post πŸ“šβ€πŸƒ

As I’ve been thinking about more content I want to bring to the book community in 2020, earlier this month I felt inspired to create a fun readathon and I’ve been thrilled to see bloggers & other bookish people excited! There’s so many wonderful books published each year and my hope is that we can create more conversation around the underhyped and underrated books that we love!

I can’t put into words just how excited I am for this fun readathon, I hope you’ll join me and get ready to shout about all those great books that are quiet or under the radar!Β πŸ˜βœ¨πŸ“šπŸ“£

Are you planning to join the #QuietReadathon?

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