Sera And The Royal Stars #2 by Jon Tsuei Comic Review

Sera And The Royal Stars Issue 2 by Jon TsueiSera And The Royal Stars #2 by Jon Tsuei, Audrey Mok (Artist), Raúl Angulo (Colorist), Jim Campbell (Letterer), & Tim Daniel (Design)

Publisher: Vault Comics

Release Date: August 28, 2019

Pages: 28

Available For Pre-Order Through The Book Depository: Sera And The Royal Stars Vol. 1

Summary: After rescuing the Eye of the Bull, Sera returns to Parsa, only to discover it is no longer her home. Just when it seems war has stripped Sera of everything she holds dear, a surprising ally emerges. Together they set out to turn the tables on her uncle Shaheen’s invading forces. 

My Rating: ★★★★☆

My Thoughts: Sera continues her quest to restore the Royal Stars in the page-turning Issue #2! Delving into even more of the politics, mythology, and familial ties of this series, Sera’s adventure takes her back home with a new ally!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, then you’d know that Sera And The Royal Stars is the main comic series right now that has literally taken over my life!

Words can’t describe how this story just sweeps me away with each issue from its detailed artwork, expansive world (inspired by Ancient Persia), gripping story and phenomenal cast of characters! Sera is inspiring and wonderful― though I’m only 2 issues in, I feel I already know so much about her! I’m incredibly excited to see where her journey takes her next.

As we learn in Issue #1, Sera has been tasked with breaking “the bonds that bind the Royal Stars…” Which means she must find the deities of her country’s past and awaken them to allow the seasons to turn once again. Only then, will the Empire Of Parsa and its people no longer suffer, even as they undergo a civil war. The first deity she’s tasked with finding, is the Bull and makes her way to an old temple, where a mysterious old man can’t seem to remember who he is!

Issue #2 picks up right where it leaves off with us figuring out the old man is in fact the Bull! Starting off with an action scene that pulls you in, Sera and the Bull are in the middle of fighting of hordes of lizard monsters in the temple.

Once the battle is done, the Bull (also known as Aldebaran) tells her that the temple has been “lost to time” and at one point “all people worshiped” the Royal Stars!

Delving further into the mythology of the world, Sera gets more insight into the other Royal Stars she’s meant to find and awaken (scorpion, fish, and lion so far). Also if they don’t act fast, they may lose the chance at getting the seasons turning again.

As Sera heads home, she realizes the aftermath of her uncle’s surprise attack on the kingdom! He’s taken over and her brother Jahar is nowhere to be found!

Family is an intricate and important element of this series and those ties are explored a bit more in Issue #2. From confronting her cousin (now prince) Nima, her uncle, and reuniting with her father and sister Roya. Even getting more background to Sera’s mother (who we already know was given the same task of restoring the Stars). I really appreciate the layers and complex ties of family that are being explored so far in this series! I’m looking forward to seeing how these threads continue to evolve over the future issues.

The scope of the world does seem to be more centralized in this particular issue and that’s mainly because of its focus on the royal family and Sera’s quest.

Luckily, as Sera finds herself reaching home and getting to continue her quest, she and Aldebaran are not alone! It turns out, the Scorpion is finally awoken!

The full page of Scorpion (Antares) being transformed/awoken in the palace’s throne room was one of my favorite pages! Her outfit is detailed and she is such a fierce deity I can’t wait to learn more about (also you have to definitely appreciate her friendly banter w/ Aldebaran)!

The setting immerses you from the very beginning and as with the previous issue, where your swept away into the hidden temple, tension of the throne room, and outskirts of the empire! I’m really looking forward to seeing what else there is to explore in this vast world that’s being set-up! Sera And The Royal Stars as single issues really balances the world-building, plot, and character-development in a fantastic way where it always leaves you wanting more after the last page!

As with Issue #1, Audrey Mok’s artwork continues to be an absolute highlight of this series! Similar to my thoughts with the first issue, its colorful, detailed, especially when it comes to character introductions, clothing, and landscapes. Again, probably one of my favorite pages was Scorpion’s intro (the detail on her spear, her long white braid, and her epic outfit!), also the trail of red smoke that symbolized her entrance just added a whole other layer to the issue!

I think my only minor critique is that was a slower-paced issue, where its focused on more on a couple of the core themes already established. It delves more into the complex familial ties/politics, and mythology, which puts the plot on a bit of a slower pace. But, I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens in Issue #3 as Sera’s journey with the Royal Stars continues!

Sera And The Royal Stars is an epic fantasy adventure that follows an arrow-wielding princess whose sent on a quest that could turn the tides of her country’s civil war! Issue #2 takes time to develop on the politics, lore and mythology, alongside the familial ties that were introduced in Issue #1! If your looking for a fantasy tale filled with ancient prophecies, great cast of characters, set in an immersive world as shown through the great artwork, then you should definitely pick up this series!


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