Graphic Novel & Comic Recommendations Featuring Women Of Color

This past weekend it was D23 (an expo to showcase/celebrate Disney properties + announce upcoming Disney projects)! One of those projects that had many (including myself) incredibly excited was that there is now a live-action series for Ms. Marvel in the works for Disney+.

To celebrate that announcement, I’m sharing a list of comics and graphic novels featuring women of color! A lot of these series are ones that have really stuck with me with their immersive stories, wonderful artwork and above all, feature inspiring female leads!

831. Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona (artist)

Publisher: Marvel

Release Date: October 28, 2014

Summary: Kamala Khan is an ordinary girl from Jersey City — until she’s suddenly empowered with extraordinary gifts. But who truly is the new Ms. Marvel? Teenager? Muslim? Inhuman? Find out as she takes the Marvel Universe by storm! When Kamala discovers the dangers of her newfound powers, she unlocks a secret behind them, as well. Is Kamala ready to wield these immense new gifts? Or will the weight of the legacy before her be too much to bear? Kamala has no idea, either. But she’s comin’ for you, Jersey! 

I remember when I first getting back into graphic novels, this was a series I picked up in my early days as a book blogger (2015) and fell in love with it! Not only was it the first female-led superhero series I’d ever read, but also I loved that it had a diverse lead (Muslim & Pakistani-American). Also, after looking at my Goodreads, I really need to catch up on this series! I can’t wait to see how the Disney+ series turns out, looking forward to seeing Kamala on screen! ⚡❤

Sera And The Royal Stars Issue 12. Sera And The Royal Stars by Jon Tsuei, Audrey Mok (artist), Raúl Angulo (colorist),  Jim Campbell (letterer), & Tim Daniel (design)

Publisher: Vault Comics

Release Date: July 17, 2019 (issue #1) & Jan. 2020 Vol. 1

Full Review: Sera And The Royal Stars Issue #1

Summary: Civil war rages in the Empire of Parsa, and famine has struck. As the seasons refuse to turn, Princess Sera receives a vision from the deity Mitra telling her to find the Royal Stars and restore them to the heavens. Despite her kingdom and her troops’ need of her command, Sera embarks on a quest to find the fallen stars-now trapped on earth-and save her people from dearth and death.

Its been such a long time since I’ve found myself reading comic/graphic novel series and keeping up with them regularly, that is until, I discovered Sera And The Royal Stars! The first issue introduces colorful and detailed artwork, the world of Parsa is expansive, and I can’t wait to see where Princess Sera’s epic journey takes her next as she embarks on a quest at the height of her country’s civil war! This is a fantastic series and I highly recommend picking it up if you love fantasy tales with ancient prophecies, epic journeys, immersive world-building, and more! 💖💫

goldie-vance-vol-13. Goldie Vance Vol. 1 by Hope Larson (writer) & Brittney Williams (artist)

Publisher: BOOM! Box

Release Date: October 11, 2016

Full Review: Goldie Vance Volume 1


Sixteen-year-old Marigold “Goldie” Vance has an insatiable curiosity. She lives at a Florida resort with her dad, who manages the place, and it’s her dream to one day be the hotel’s in-house detective. When Walter, the current detective, encounters a case he can’t crack, together they utilize her smarts, skills, and connections to solve the mystery…even if it means getting into a drag race, solving puzzles, or chasing a helicopter to do it!

If your looking for a fun, 1960’s-set graphic novel filled with mystery and featuring a diverse cast (biracial, queer, & Black rep!) pick this series up! I’ve only read volume 1, but I really want to get back into this series again because I love mystery stories! 🔍🌟

M.F.K. by Nilah Magruder4. M.F.K.: Book One by Nilah Magruder (author & artist)

Publisher: Insight Comics

Release Date: September 26, 2017

Full Review: M.K.F.: Book One

Summary: A fantastic adventure following the story of Abbie, a deaf girl with a mysterious power, who is traveling across a vast desert to scatter her mother’s ashes.

In a world of sleeping gods, a broken government, and a fragile peace held in the hands of the corrupt, one youth must find the strength to stand up against evil and save humanity.

This story is not about that youth.

It’s about Abbie, who just wants to get to the mountain range called the Potter’s Spine and scatter her mother’s ashes. But the way is filled with sandstorms, wild beasts, and rogues that wield inhuman powers and prey on poor desert dwellers. When one of these rogues threatens the town where Abbie takes refuge, she must choose between running, or unleashing her own hidden power to meet danger head-on.

Journeys are hard on the social recluses of the world.

This is one of those graphic novels that in my opinion, is highly underrated! It has a lot of diverse representation within its main cast (featuring brown-skinned characters and Abbie, the MC, is deaf). I fell in love with this incredibly unique and moving story about Abbie who’s trekking across the desert alongside her giant pet bird, to spread her mother’s ashes! The artwork is beautifully illustrated and introduces so many different elements from some sci-fi/fantasy and is incredibly character-driven as she finds refuge in a small town and makes new friends! I remember reading MFK: Book One back in 2017 and was so excited to pick up the next volume, I haven’t heard much about a continuation recently but I do hope to one day see another installment of this wonderful series! 💖🏜

The Avant-Guards Vol. 1 by Carly Usdin

5.The Avant Guards Vol. 1 by Carly Usdin (writer), Noah Hayes (artist), Rebecca Nalty (Colorist), & Ed Dukeshrire (Letterer)

Publisher: BOOM! Box

Release Date: September 3, 2019

Summary: When Charlie transfers to the Georgia O’Keeffe College of Arts and Subtle Dramatics, she struggles to find her feet, but winds up exactly where she belongs…in the school’s (terrible) basketball team.

As a transfer student to the Georgia O’Keeffe College for Arts and Subtle Dramatics, former sports star Charlie is struggling to find her classes, her dorm, and her place amongst a student body full of artists who seem to know exactly where they’re going. When the school’s barely-a-basketball-team unexpectedly attempts to recruit her, Charlie’s adamant that she’s left that life behind…until she’s won over by the charming team captain, Liv, and the ragtag crew she’s managed to assemble. And while Charlie may have left cut-throat competition in in the dust, sinking these hoops may be exactly what she needs to see the person she truly wants to be.

I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this upcoming series and I’m counting down the days until its release! I’ve also been wanting to get into more sports-related stories and this one looks fantastic- not only does it feature a diverse cast, but its also about a women’s basketball team, and has a lot of queer representation! The Avant-Guards looks incredible and I’m hyped to read it when its finally out on shelves! 🏀🎉

And that’s my list of comic and graphic novel recommendations featuring women of color! I highly recommend checking out all of these wonderful female-led series and adding them to your TBR if you haven’t already! 📚❤

Are any of these on your list? Do you have any other recommendations you think I should check out? 📚✨🎉

9 thoughts on “Graphic Novel & Comic Recommendations Featuring Women Of Color

  1. I’ve only read Ms. Marvel from your list. It was one of the first graphic novels I got into, so I have such fond feelings about it. Sera and the Royal Stars looks like one I’d really be into. Going to have to see if my library has that one. I personally love Monstress. It’s dark, it’s female-centered, and the art is breathtaking. Loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I totally agree with you about Ms. Marvel! It was one of my early graphic novel reads too! 😍 + Yay!! Glad I could inspire you to check out Sera, hope you love it as much as I did! 😁💖 I keep hearing wonderful things about Monstress, but I haven’t read it yet, gonna have to pick it up! 😂 Thank you so much for checking out my post Alicia 💞


  2. I’ve only read Ms. Marvel and Goldie Vance from this list but I absolutely adored them both. MFK looks so fantastic and I’ll definitely have to check it out.
    I love your comic recommendations! I’m just getting back into podcasts and webcomics too, it’s the whole shebang haha.
    Have you read Heartstopper? I genuinely almost cried when I caught up to the current update, I’m not prepared to wait for installments.
    And I’m way too invested in Girl in Space. I know she just took a break for the season finale but she’s always posted rather sporadically so I’m a tad concerned about what that means. Hopefully she’ll be back relatively soon!
    Anyway, just thought I would say hi, didn’t even know if you’d remember me haha. Still love your blog and I’m still a reader! (I may or may not have forgotten my WordPress password and had to track it down to post a comment here, whoops)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course I remember you Amy XD!! ❤ & umm I need to catch up on Girl In Space, I’ve been so invested in books lately, that I haven’t listened to many podcasts!! + oh so glad your going to check out MFK, I don’t know many who’ve read it, but I really hope you enjoy it (& tbh it put a smile on my face when I saw you add my recommendations to your GR) 😭💖& yes, I have heard of Heartstopper, for some reason I just haven’t felt too motivated to pick it up, but I know so many people rave about it–what is it you love about it?? & ahh, so glad to see you back in the blogosphere, looking forward to reading more of your bookish posts! 😍💖📚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awe! Glad I’m not forgotten haha! The season finale was great so I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t yet. 🙂
        I still haven’t read MFK but I still completely intend to haha! I haven’t been in a graphic novel mood lately but I’ll get there eventually.
        OMG I love EVERYTHING about Heartstopper! The art style is fantastic, the characters are all fabulous, and I so completely ship the relationships (all of them). I would genuinely recommend it to anyone. It’s incredible.
        Haha thanks! Finally put up a post today so hopefully that bodes well for this year! XD


    1. How did you like Ms. Marvel? 😍 I have heard of Monstress, its just one of those graphic novels I know I’ll get to at some point, but I don’t really know when that would be! 😂✨I know there’s already a few volumes out & I’ve heard really good things–what are your thoughts on it? 💖


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