Satoko And Nada Vol. 1 by Yupechika {Manga Review}

Satoko And Nada Vol. 1Satoko & Nada Vol. 1 by Yupechika {Satoko & Nada}

Publisher: Seven Seas

Release Date: October 9, 2018

Pages: 180

Available Through The Book Depository: Satoko And Nada Volume 1

Summary: Satoko, who is Japanese, has a new roommate in America: a Saudi Arabian woman named Nada, who practices Islam and wears a hijab. While under the same roof, Satoko and Nada learn how to live together with very different customs and still have all the fun young women crave! Through mutual respect—and the hilarious adventures of their daily life—Satoko and Nada prove that friendship knows no borders. 

My Rating:★★★★★

My Thoughts: Satoko & Nada is a fantastic manga debut that follows two women, Satoko & Nada as they become roommates while continuing their university studies in America! They learn more about each other’s cultures, go on fun adventures, & become the best of friends! This is a new manga series you don’t want to miss!

From the moment I heard about Satoko & Nada I knew I just had to give it a read!

I don’t usually read slice-of-life or contemporary manga all too often, but when I do read them I really want to pick one that I’ll truly love! Satoko & Nada was just that! I adored every page, panel, & moment, & am really looking forward to the future volumes in this series!

This manga follows Satoko who is college student from Japan and Nada, a college student from Saudi Arabia, and the two move to America to continue their studies!

The story starts off with Satoko heading to Nada’s apartment! Satoko’s decided to become her roommate and all the adventures begin from there.

Right away we see just how fast they become friends and all the random moments throughout their semester from eating out, shopping, driving, watching movies, & so much more, that we really see the power of their friendship! (´▽`ʃƪ)💕

Yupechika builds their friendship and dynamic in such a wonderful + fantastic way, that you really see how much they care for each other!

Satoko & Nada also discusses Saudi & Japanese culture in moments throughout the manga + by showing how both of them are adjusting to American culture!

Yupechika also elaborates on common misconceptions about Saudi & Islamic culture! (She notes where laws have changed within the text, considering Satoko & Nada was actually published already, back in 2017).

Satoko is curious about Nada’s Saudi Arabian & Islamic culture and because of that as the reader you get into detail about common misconceptions, Saudi Arabian & Islamic customs, laws, and different kinds of hijabs, etc.!

While this novel is also filled with such happy and comedic moments, it also tackles sensitive & real topics, from encounters with strangers & homesickness!

Aside from the incredible plot and dynamic between Satoko & Nada, there’s also such an amazing cast of characters!

Throughout the manga I was able to connect with every character in the main cast and I found they truly came to life with each panel! Aside from Satoko & Nada, there’s Kevin (Satoko’s conversation partner), Miracle (who Satoko helps to avoid a stranger kidnapping), & Nada’s friends Pakeezah & Ameena!

What I also love about this manga so much is how inclusive it is! From the leading main characters being Japanese & Saudi-Arabian, there’s also Kevin who’s Japanese-American, & above all the exploration of Saudi & Japanese culture!

The author does such a fantastic job at weaving in the characters, their story & allowing their personality to shine throughout the plot!

Their dynamics were so well explored!

There was honestly nothing I didn’t like about Satoko & Nada. The pacing is great, the comedic moments and real life/serious ones all arrive at perfect moments, alongside the characters and plot!

I also loved the artwork! Its detailed and has a very unique style that stood out!

Satoko & Nada is a fantastic manga and I highly recommend picking it up! I had high expectations for this manga & I’m happy to say they were all exceeded!

I’m really looking forward to more of Satko and Nada’s adventures in volume 2!

Satoko And Nada Vol. 1 is an incredible contemporary manga that follows 2 university students who go to America to continue their studies! The remarkable cast of characters, wonderfully executed plot, and emphasis on friendship, makes this such a unique manga! The focus on friendship, inclusive cast, and brilliant plot in Satoko And Nada will leave a smile on your face & have you eager for the next volume!

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