The Royal Tutor Vol. 2 by Higasa Akai {Manga Review}

The Royal Tutor Volume 2 by Higasa AkaiThe Royal Tutor Vol. 2 by Higasa Akai {TRT #2}

Publisher: Yen Press

Release Date: July 18, 2017

Pages: 192

Summary: When the king returns to court, it’s time for the princes to prove their mettle. But not everyone’s been exactly keeping up with Heine’s lessons… (Hint: It’s the prince who only scored a one on his assessment test…and that was for signing his name!) Can Heine really whip these boys into shape well enough to rule a country?

My Rating: ★★★★☆ ½

My Thoughts: The Royal Tutor is a brilliant manga series that follows Heine, the tutor, the 4 princes of the kingdom of Granzreich, and the lessons they go through to prepare for the throne! The delightful cast of characters and comedic moments are even more present in this volume, as we get more background to the royal princes, the king, Heine!

The Royal Tutor continues to be one of my favorite manga series of all-time! I adore all the characters, plot, and humor thrown into this brilliant series!

I’d been putting off reading this second volume because…well I’m not entirely sure why! I knew I’d love it anyways because I adore this series with all my heart, but I’m just happy to have finally continued with this series!

While I have been rating these books 4.5, this absolutely is a 5-star series all around! 

Where in Volume 1 of The Royal Tutor, we get introduced to our main cast of Heine & the princes: Kai, Bruno, Leonhard, & Licht! We see the princes aren’t the biggest fan of Heine as their newest tutor in the beginning, they see just how dedicated he is to really helping them and prepare them for the throne!

Volume 2 is definitely more character-driven as the prince’s introductory lessons begin. It also expands a little more on the Kingdom of Granzreich, considering that in the first chapter, the princes & Heine go into town on an assignment!

I loved that as each of the princes explored the city, I got to see a little more to their unique and differing personalities! It was also just fun to read about them outside the palace.

Their team-up at the end to bring down a purse thief also brought tears to my eyes.  The trip allowed them to experience something new and have a better understanding of the people who live within their kingdom!

The next few chapters brings us back to what happened in Volume 1, when prince Leonhard failed his exam (& only got 1 point for writing his name 😭). We get introduced to King Viktor as he gives some tough words of guidance to each of the princes (which does guide some of the later plot points in this volume).

Especially prince Leo! If he isn’t able to pass his exam after a re-take, the king’ll have to to renounce Leo’s claim to the throne!

Throughout the entirety of Volume 2, we see the strong brotherly bond between each of the princes! Whether their stopping a purse thief, helping each other study, or just offering some advice (no matter how silly), what I adored about this addition to The Royal Tutor series, is we see so much more to the tight-knit bond they have and that they are always willing to work together!

Seeing my princes all support each other & work together brought tears to my eyes 😭💕❤ (They are all just–so precious!!)

There were definitely moments that had me shed tears: when the princes reflect on their day in town & Kai takes his father’s words to heart about being more social & working on his communication w/ the palace staff! 😭💕💕❤

There’s also just a little more unlocked about Heine’s backstory! It turns out the king already knows him and we don’t get much more than that! But, I’m excited to see where that plot line is headed for our royal tutor!

The Royal Tutor delivers backstory and development in such a brilliant way where it never feels forced or conveniently placed. The plot is also unfolding in a natural way where your getting world-building, character-development, and mysteries at the most perfect moments in the story, just when you least expect it!

Aside from the wonderfully developed plot, what I also adore about The Royal Tutor so much are the characters, the King, Heine, the tutor, Kai, the 2nd + serious/shy prince, Bruno, the 3rd brilliant bookworm prince, Leonhard, the 4th + athletic/stubborn prince, and Licht, the 5th + playboy prince!

Their personalities shine with each page, both separately & all together!

My only minor critiques (one of which is expanded on in the “extras” page) is that I’m really just wanting more development from the world and setting! While the artwork and information we do get is weaved into the story very naturally, there’s just a little more I wish was included to elevate the setting even more!

Additionally, I found that the grandmother, Maria & the prince’s little sister Adele barley have any page-time! While I really enjoy their characters when they are present, they are only there for such brief moments and I don’t feel I know a whole lot about them!

I do hope we learn more about the King, maybe the 1st prince?, and the world as The Royal Tutor series continues!

I also managed to get through episodes 4 & 5 of The Royal Tutor anime too, after reading this volume and I really loved it!

I loved this volume just as much as the first one & can’t wait to continue the series with Volume 3!

The Royal Tutor continues to build on the unique and amazing cast of characters! The plot is fast-paced, filled with co much humor, and is developing in such a great way! Though there are a few minor elements that could use more development, this manga series is filled with a cast of characters you can’t help but adore and plot that will have you turning the page!

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