Engagement In Book-Related Content & On Book Blogs {Book Blog Discussion}

Book Blog Discussion BannerIts time for a bookish chat! Hey, 24hr.YABookBlog here (~˘▾˘)~💞✨📚 I don’t usually make book blog discussions, but this one had been on my mind for a bit & I’d love to explore this topic & get your thoughts on it!

From the people I’ve been following on twitter recently, I’d been seeing a lot of discussion come up about supporting book bloggers, bookish content in general, and engaging more!

I agree 100%!! I’m sure there’s definitely been moments where us a book bloggers, readers, etc. have worked hard on a review, post, tweet, bookstagram, or whatever it may be, putting our heart & soul into it, perfecting it, looking it over time & time again before the official post, and not having it get the discussion or love we had hoped!

It can be disheartening because isn’t that what the bookish community is all about? Having discussions, supporting each others work, and connecting over favorite & upcoming books!

There are times where I find myself thinking “do people just not care about this?”, or any number of other thoughts that roll around in my mind making me feel like my content isn’t connecting with people.

As the years go by, since I started my book blog in the summer of 2015, I’m trying to focus less on numbers and more on discussion & engagement with fellow readers. But, there are days when I can’t help but feel discouraged.

However there are some tips & tricks I’ve noticed and found myself, that I’m going to try & follow! + Hopefully, they’ll help you too.

I also find that, for me personally, I don’t put more effort into engaging & that’s on me. I can be a rather introverted person, so being in a community as connected and ever-growing as this one is, there are days I do find it difficult to interact with blogger/bookish friends on a daily basis or the bookish community in general!

However, with these tips on engagement & supporting bookish content, I really hope to change that & connect more!! 😍

*These are all ones I’m planning to do more of, however if these don’t work for you, that’s completely fine! Ever reader/blogger is different, just do whatever you feel works for you ♥♥ & if you have any additional tips, feel free to share them below!*


This one may seem like a pretty easy one, but for me, I find its the easiest one to forget about!

After I post something, I often times just scroll through my wordpress feed and read/like a couple posts, then go back to twitter, reading, etc.

For example, lets say you’ve just post a book review or other book-related content on your blog, next, you should find other reviews for that particular book or similar blog posts & start commenting!

For me at least, I find its easier to engage with other bloggers or bookish people about similar reviews/discussions I’ve recently shared too, because its still fresh in my mind!

To me, this seems an easy way to engage with fellow readers & bloggers if you aren’t sure where to start! Find content similar to what you’ve recently posted and start some conversation!

Or maybe it isn’t on blogs! It could be on Twitter, bookstagram, Goodreads, etc. Find the content wherever you feel your looking to get more engagement!

1a. Conversation

To go along with socializing, another topic is keeping up with conversation. Let’s say someone comments on a post, tweet, bookstagram, etc., try to keep the conversation going and make those connections!

This is something I’m really planning to do more of and work better at, as I continue with book blogging!

1b. Complementing

If there’s a review (on a blog or Goodreads), twitter thread/tweets, bookstagram, recommendations, etc. you like, let the person know! It may seem like something small, but to the content creator, complementing their work means so much!

2. Promotion (For you & fellow bookworms)

I’ve noticed that a lot of my views come from twitter! So, another thing to keep in mind is cross-promote your content through different social medias!

Or let’s say there’s a blogger or reader you enjoying keeping up with, promote their stuff! Tell your followers to check them out!!

RT, Quote Tweet, Repost, Like etc. lets support our bookish community!

3. Seek Out Your Audience

What I mean by this is, for example, aside from book reviews & my monthly wrap-ups on YA Book news, I also make podcast reviews!

When I do, I look for the podcast on twitter or facebook & tag them in my review post!

So, lets say you want to find people who are into a certain kind of genre of books, you should try to seek out those reviewers & readers by: following them on social media, using/finding tags and following sites relevant to what you are looking for!

Find the bookish audience your hoping to connect with!

4. Linking

This is something I’ve done maybe a couple times, but I really want to make an effort and do it more!

If there’s a book I’ve recently reviewed, 9/10 times I look up other reviews of it right after! Whether their with a similar or different rating to mine, I always find reviews that I really love that also help me to find new bloggers to follow, or just inspire my reviewing!

When I find a review I really loved or want to promote, in the future I plan to follow these steps: mention the blogger, their review & link it in my post! (Or maybe it isn’t a review, maybe its a discussion post or TBR list! Whatever it is, if you really love it, tell people about it!)

I really want to do this more as I continue to create book reviews or other blog posts because I find this is an easy, but also wonderful way to promote fellow book bloggers!! ♥♥

For example: I really love Marie’s from DrizzleAndHurricaneBooks discussion posts! I’ve mentioned her posts a couple of times on Twitter, but if you haven’t checked them out, please do!! I love  how she discusses each topic, her posts are so worth a read!!

I also recommend checking out: Acquadimore’s book blog!! Her reviews are incredibly written and I love her writing style for each one (she gets to the point and I love reading her critiques + critical views)!! From certain tropes, plot points, etc. I find my critiques/opinions often are the same as hers too! While I’ve definitely read quite a bit of reviews in the years as a book blogger, hers are just so memorable and definitely worth reading & checking out!

And those are some tips to help you in getting more engagement to your blog or book-related content!! Thanks so much for joining me in my first book blog discussion (~˘▾˘)~

*And I’d love to support your posts that you feel more people should check out!! So, leave a link of a book review, book blog discussion, or other book, maybe even non book-related content that you’d like others to see! Can’t wait to check them out 😄📚*

Here’s mine: Sacred Lies Trailer Discussion {Sacred Lies is an upcoming mini-series based on Stephanie Oakes 2015 YA Mystery/Thriller, The Sacred Lies Of Minnow Bly}

Are people engaging in your posts? If not, do these tips or others seem like they’d help?

Any additional tips you’d like to share?

16 thoughts on “Engagement In Book-Related Content & On Book Blogs {Book Blog Discussion}

  1. Thank you ❤
    I know, engaging isn't as easy as it sounds – writing posts takes us so much time already, and also many of us are… natural introverts – and when I had my first blog I almost never interacted with people, but I like blogging a lot more now that I do. We bloggers create content for free and it's important that we support each other.
    Anyway, this is really helpful, and I really need to get better at cross-promoting what I wrote.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true, engaging & creating connections can definitely take time! + Socializing/networking & promoting content is something that I’ve thought about a lot more recently! There’s many different pieces to it + Yes! With discussion of support recently, I thought a lot about how I can do more to connect w/ fellow readers/bloggers & offer some tips!! + Glad my post was able to help & I really love your blog, so I’m happy to have given you a shout-out ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a great post, and like I mentioned it before, I am so happy you wrote it ❤ Also, so honored that you mentioned me here, thank you so, so very much for thinking of me! ❤
    I completely feel you about the introvert thing and being a bit afraid to speak up or reach out to other bloggers. I used to be the very same way when I started blogging, I stood a little bit on the side while I watched other bloggers chatting together. I wanted in. Once I started commenting, little by little, overthinking everything a thousand times… well, after that, it all came at once and I managed to comment more and more, managed to start up conversations and now I am easily doing it and loving it so, very much. It seems simple, but everyone is so welcoming and sweet and I just love how open this community can be with simple comments ❤ Networking and promoting, blog-hopping and everything takes a whole lot of time, I think I might be spending more time on that than on writing my blog posts, but honestly I find it so worth it – engaging with others and chatting about books is amazing and so rewarding 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are days where I find it difficult to get into bookish conversation but you bring up a good point about commenting! ❤ Its all about taking the chance to start conversation & continue to build connections! & Book blogging is a lot of work, but I agree! The engaging & connections that are made, are so worth it! & thank you so much Marie for checking out my post! Happy to have given you a shout-out!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I completely get that, and we can’t all always be in the mood for that kind of networking. It takes time and certainly patience as well as courage, to sometimes type up a simple comment if you are introverted or just not used to it. In the end, though, it is all very much worth it, from what I’ve seen 😀 ❤
        You're so welcome, thank you for writing it, it was so great to read! ❤

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    2. Time, courage & patience–I completely agree! Networking is something that requires many different pieces, but as you said “its all very much worth it.” The community, connections & friendships we make throughout the journey of book blogging is very much something that is such a wonderful & unforgettable part of it!! ^_^

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  3. This is an amzing posts. I love how you shared tips on how to engage more with reader. I’ll be trying to do all of these more!
    I’m doing a post on discussion posts to help bloggers, do you mind if I link to this one? I’ll link to your posts and blog and talk a bit about the content (it’s okay if you say no!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 😍! I’ve been very hesitant to post discussions, but I’m beyond happy with the feedback its gotten! + Yes, absolutely!! Feel free to link it & expand on it!! It means so much to me that you want to share it in your own discussion post! 💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

  4. These are absolutely excellent tips! It’s easy to get bogged down by stats, but it’s impossible to be happy when you’re focused on them. Of course, it’s also super difficult to actually avoid them.
    Hey- would you be interested in doing a buddy read of something in the near future? 🙂


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