Kate Triumph by Shari Arnold Review

Kate Triumph by Shari ArnoldKate Triumph by Shari Arnold

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: October 16, 2014

Pages: 288

Summary: Normal is so overrated.

At least that’s what seventeen-year-old Kate Triumph tells herself everyday. But the truth is she lives in constant fear that someone will discover how not normal she really is. With her startling speed and her unusual ability to heal, Kate believes she’s something of a freak.

Then Andrew Shore arrives.

He claims he’s her father, sticks around for a few days and leaves her a plane ticket. “Come to Mercer Island,” he says. “Give me a chance to get to know you.” Soon Kate is floundering in a world of new: new address, new car, new high school and, of course, new father. Not to mention Zack, her intriguing new neighbor, who makes her want to abandon her steadfast rule of never allowing anyone to get too close. But when she discovers someone is trying to kill her, life for Kate gets a bit more complicated. And a lot less normal.

My Rating:Full StarFull StarFull StarFull Starhalf star--Book Blog

My Thoughts: Perfect for fans of superhero stories+ Great mix of action, suspense/mystery + a little romance!

This book was spectacular, fantastic, perfection! (I can go on & on ❤ <3)

I don’t usually read superhero/origin stories but I had this one on my TBR for quite some time & felt it was the perfect time to read it!

As stated above, this novel has a superhero vibe & it kept me turning the page!

I loved reading from Kate’s POV! She is such a complex heroine & it was fun trying to better understand her abilities and overall just see her development/growth as she tries to accept/better understand her mother’s death!

Her abilities (super speed/ healing) were introduced very early on & it was interesting to see how her super speed was deep-rooted with her love of running/track.

And how her abilities really influenced her childhood! (Her mother being overly protective/cautioning her to not show her abilities)

The plot is unique and really keeps you guessing/connecting the dots!

When Kate+her mom get in a car accident, Kate’s life is changed forever!

With her mother’s passing, she comes to know her father Andrew and he convinces her its best she goes w/ him to Mercer Island in Seattle for a short time!

From there she grieves the loss of her mother, while adjusting to a new school!
She comes to meet her neighbors Zack+Brandon and comes to find out the secrets her father is hiding from her!

The intrigue/mystery is seamlessly weaved into the story and keeps the book at a rapid pace!

My only minor issue was there were moments here and there where I felt Kate’s ability origins connected w/ her mother’s past could have had a little more explanation!

The setting of Seattle really went well with the overall dark/mysterious tone of the story + the characters are all wonderfully developed and all have an important role in Kate’s life/overall plot!

There is romance weaved into the plot, but I felt it was done so well! It develops slowly and gives more development to Kate who usually had a protective/cautious parent. Also she slowly but surely took chances and opened up to more people such as her father, new neighbors, and friends at her new school!

Now some spoilers:

She comes to learn more about her mother + Andrew and their pasts:
(It was weaved into the story & made perfect sense w/ the overall tone of the story!)
Olivia’s treatments & how that led to Kate getting abilities
+ how Andrew’s life as a spy led to Olivia leaving + Andrew’s plans to keep Kate safe!

+ Throughout the story a character by the name of Jonah continues to find a way to reach Kate/Olivia (Kate’s mother)
There are hints here and there about his past & why he may be looking for them!
Around 3/4 way through I figured out why! (He is Kate’s brother!!!)

*End Of Spoilers*

I wish there would be a SEQUEL!! The ending is open ended where everything is revealed but I NEED MORE!! ❤ ❤

I definitely wouldn’t mind another Kate Triumph book!

Overall this is a fast-pace, action packed superhero tale in the making!
The intrigue/mystery definitely keeps your turning the page the dark/mysterious tone + the twists/turns will leave you wanting more!

Highly recommend this book!


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