How It Ends by Catherine Lo Review

How It EndsHow It Ends by Catherine Lo

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers

Release Date: June 7,2016

Pages: 304

Summary: There are two sides to every story.

It’s friends-at-first-sight for Jessie and Annie, proving the old adage that opposites attract. Shy, anxious Jessie would give anything to have Annie’s beauty and confidence. And Annie thinks Jessie has the perfect life, with her close-knit family and killer grades. They’re BFFs…until suddenly they’re not.

Told through alternating points of view, How It Ends is a wildly fast but deeply moving read about a friendship in crisis.

My Rating: Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star

My Thoughts: Such an honest and moving story about friendship!

I am at a loss for words! This book was a masterpiece!

I felt so connected to the characters and story!

I laughed, cried…SO MANY EMOTIONS WITH THIS BOOK!! ❤ ❤

This novel broke (shattered more like) my heart and put it back together!

Seeing Annie & Jessie become friends from the very beginning, even with their personal doubts and worries about the school year, was beautiful to read!!

In this novel Jessie suffers from anxiety and felt it was portrayed very realistically!

While I personally don’t have severe anxiety as bad as Jessie’s I truly saw myself while reading! Friendships have never been easy for me and there were moments I had to put the book down because I was crying and just related to her so much while reading the fears she had about making friends!!

Her fears were ones I’m all to familiar with!

I truly haven’t read a book where I could truly see myself in since Fangirl (back in 2013)

Seeing their friendship slowly fade away was heartbreaking!!

Jessie feared losing Annie when she began to sit next to a group of girls who bullied her middle school! From there it gets complicated and slowly tears apart their friendship!

I sympathized w/ both of them, but definitely saw how miscommunication shattered the beautiful friendship they truly needed.

By the end after spending some time apart and some truths coming to light,they begin the process of mending their friendship!

Both Annie&Jessie develop so much throughout this novel & I am so happy they reunite in the end and made up! Because throughout the book it is clear to see they truly cared for each other and wanted to stay best friends!

Without a doubt this book is a must read!

If you are a fan of YA Contemporary that deals with mental health+ other serious topics and the ups and downs of friendships, this book is definitely not one to miss!




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