Literary Magazine Discussion

Literary Magazine DiscussionI’m always on the look out for new ways people are discussing and sharing their love of books!

So today I will be discussing a new, favorite obsession of mine which is Literary Magazines!

Now, I am by no means an expert on Lit. Mags but this is just info I have gathered from the many I have seen/read! 🙂

If you don’t know, literary magazines can be either print/online and are usually funded by donations /subscriptions or can be free to read and showcase submissions based on their criteria for literary works among other submissions such as:

  • Art Work
  • Book Reviews
  • Essays
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Short Stories

While many big-name lit. mags will most likely have a print issue for purchase, many  I’ve seen put most of their content in the form of blog posts on their websites!

With a variety of literary magazines out there, they can serve as a great starting point for emerging/first-time authors and writers!

Here are a couple I’ve come to learn about:

HyperText Mag

Starting back in 2010, this FREE online mag. posts a variety of fiction/short fiction pieces, essays and interviews!

There was a fascinating short essay I read about a new vending machine in France which prints out short stories!

You can read it Here!

The Fem

Also a FREE online Mag., it focuses on publishing feminist+diverse works daily from poems to artwork!

It began August 2014 & wants to publish work that “encompasses a variety of identities and experiences.”(Source)

Ripen The Page 

Focused on writing, it aims to “bring you nimble perspectives on the craft of writing.”

On its blog, there is a variety of short stories and writing tips!

I also read a fun article on writing groups Here!


+ One literary magazine I can’t wait to read and have known about for quite sometime is

The Passed Note

According to the site, the team will publish 3X’s a year!

This online magazine will be focusing on the YA/young adult audience and the their first issue comes out June 15th!

Luckily, I was able to interview one of the team members behind The Passed Note:

What posts can be expected in your literary magazine?

The stories in the first issue are extremely varied. We have one short story about a young woman struggling with depression, while another is a fantasy tale about a boy made out of oak and iron. We have poems about slamming lockers and echoing hallways, and others about what it means to miss home. Our non fiction piece is about being a minority and passing for white as a teen in America. And it’s all wrapped up in the gorgeous bow of Ashley Inguanta’s art, which is all fore lorn and searching, just like your average teen.

What inspired your Lit. Mag. to focus on YA?

I wanted my lit mag to focus on YA because that’s my passion. There’s so much different about YA. It doesn’t care about labels. It doesn’t hold pretense. It just is gorgeous writing with a very specific audience. I’m so into that.

The Passed Note team has a goal to “put beautiful work out into the world for young adults. I want to inspire the next generation of writers, but I also want a lot of teens to know that they have a magazine just for them.”

With YA being one of my favorite genres I cannot wait to discover and read works from this Lit Mag.!

+ Here are some individual articles/stories from Lit Mags that I found interesting to read!

If you check them out let me know what you think:

The Secret Bookstores Of Buenos Aires 

Source: LitHub

A Tiny Town With The Spirit Of Oz


Have you read/heard of any literary magazines? If so, any you recommend?

If you haven’t, do they sound like something you would enjoy reading? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Literary Magazine Discussion

  1. I haven’t read a literary magazine even though I’ve always wanted, great great topic! Thanks for sharing ❤ I will check them out. I followed The Fem because it is hosted here on WordPress so it was easy 🙂

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