Yallwest 2016 Tips/Tricks

Yallwest Tips+Tricks.jpgWith Yallwest right around the corner, I thought I’d make a post giving you my personal tips/tricks for making the most out of your trip!


This one is huge! Having been to Yallwest last year, I had a feeling there would be a decent amount of people.

But I underestimated just how many there were!

Its best to make a list/outline for all the authors/panels/ etc. you want to see!

Make sure you know the times for your signings/panels so your not rushing at the last minute!

+ If your going in a group, that would definitely make much easier to go from line to line!

1a. Pack your books in order of the author/time! With so much going on, this definitely helped me when the lines for others= authors started one after the other!

2.What To Bring (Besides All The Books :’D)

Definitely bring extra money!  For lunch or if you need to buy that last-minute book!

Snacks+ a water bottle (some lines can get pretty long!)

Sunscreen/Umbrella! -Most of the festival takes place outside, so it would be best to bring them just in case!

Camera w/ extra batteries/Phone w/ charger- Some (Not All) authors were allowed to take pictures!

+ If you want to document the event def. bring something to take pictures/record!

**- If you have fan art for the authors, it also wouldn’t hurt to bring it & have it signed!

*** To save time and make sure everyone can get there books signed, I recommend putting your sticky-note/post-it with your name in your books ahead of time!

If any author’s lines gets really packed, this can definitely move the line along.

However, there will also be volunteers w/ sticky notes+markers in case you forget!


Since I started my blog well after Yallwest, I obviously didn’t use the opportunity to network!

But now that I do have one, I will have some business cards ready to connect w/ other book bloggers/booktubers/bookstagramers!

+ it’ll def. be fun to make some new bookish friends! ❤

If you have any other Tips/Tricks for Yallwest, leave them in the comments below! 🙂




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