Waiting On Wednesday I #6

How It Ends.jpgWaiting On Wednesday is a weekly post originally created by the book bloggers over at

BreakingTheSpines to spotlight upcoming releases!

This week I will be spotlighting…

How It Ends by Catherine Lo

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers

Release Date: June 7,2016

Summary: There are two sides to every story.

It’s friends-at-first-sight for Jessie and Annie, proving the old adage that opposites attract. Shy, anxious Jessie would give anything to have Annie’s beauty and confidence. And Annie thinks Jessie has the perfect life, with her close-knit family and killer grades. They’re BFFs…until suddenly they’re not.

Told through alternating points of view, How It Ends is a wildly fast but deeply moving read about a friendship in crisis. Set against a tumultuous sophomore year of bullying, boys and backstabbing, the novel shows what can happen when friends choose assumptions and fear over each other.

From reading the summary I really related with Jessie, being shy + anxious!

The summary really hit home for me because, even now I can find it quite challenging to make friends and I completely understand how difficult navigating friendships can be when you are shy/introverted!


This book will definitely be on the top of my June TBR!

Can’t wait to read it!

Are You Planning To Read How It Ends? 🙂

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