The 5th Wave Movie Review

5WV_1SHT_TSR_05.inddRelease Date: January 22, 2016

Run Time: 1 hr. 52 minutes

My Rating: 5th Wave Movie Rating

My Thoughts:

Fans of the book will definitely love this movie!

The movie follows the similar format to the book. (past/future/alternating character narrations)

Each actor/actress does a great job at portraying their character.

Chloe Grace-Moretz I feel really strengthened this film. Her dialogue/actions were true to her character and there wasn’t one moment where I didn’t believe her as Cassie!

Of course there is narration in the beginning that explains the previous waves and what leads up to them. But overall the first act is done quite well.

There are themes of family, hope, and survival present all throughout and are really the driving force of this film.

The cinematography is as one would expect for a sci-fi movie. The bright colors of this movie bring a contrast to the dark tone of this story (Which I loved!).

The landscapes portray a sense of emptiness and really are believable for this type of film!

The dialogue is similar to the book with some moments of humor from Squad 53.

However there are some points where the movie lags (Scenes at the military Base) and I wish Sammy was present more in the movie b/c compared to the book, I think he was in more scenes.

Overall The 5th Wave film was fun to watch and adapts the original story wonderfully!

I really hope this movie does well at the box office, b/c I would love to see more 5th Wave movies in the future!

If you watched The 5th Wave what did you think of the movie?

Were you a fan of the book? 🙂






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