Rebel Of The Sands by Alwyn Hamilton Book Trailer + Thoughts

Faber&Faber, Rebel Of The Sands UK Publisher, released the Rebel Of The Sands Book Trailer!

Trailer originally from: Luna’s Little Library

Watch the trailer here:


Wasn’t this trailer fantastic?

It  has me even more excited for this book!

What I loved, was how the color scheme/background for the summary matched the cover of the book! And the background music is spot-on & certainly gives an aura of mystery for Rebel.

It gives us just enough, for those who know what its about and those who don’t!

The overall theme/direction this trailer takes is perfect!

And it definitely promotes the book well. 

If you haven’t already, definitely add this book to your 2016 TBR!

Want more from Rebel Of The Sands?

Check Out My Interview w/ Alwyn Hamilton Here!

Thoughts On This Trailer?

Are You Planning To Read Rebel Of The Sands? 🙂




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