Blogger Reputation + Rebel Of The Sands {Giveaway}

Rebel Of The Sands is a YA fantasy debut by Alwyn Hamilton.

If you haven’t heard of this book, you should definitely add it to your 2016 TBR!

In this book Amani Al’Hiza, the main character, gets quite a reputation for being “More Gunpowder Than Girl.”

Similar to Amani, I have noticed habits/traits of mine that would give me quite a rep. in the book blogging community! (Sadly these skills wouldn’t help me much in Miraji)

Feel free to comment/share what traits/skills/habits  etc. you would be known for in the book blogosphere!  Ex. Famous for DNFing (Did Not Finish)

1. Known for Rapid Reviewing I don’t know about you, but once I finish a book, I go onto my blog right away and draft my review! If I have all my thoughts together, I can probably make a review in 5 minutes!

2. Being a Book Hipster Hopefully I’m not alone on this one :’D Before I started a book blog I was going through books like crazy! And there are some books that I pride myself in reading before they became cool/became popular, especially among my friends. A few examples include: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard  &  Eleanor&Park by Rainbow Rowell.

9780451477538Can’t Wait To Join Amani On Her Adventures In Miraji ?

Fill Out The Rafflecopter Below For Your Chance To Win:

*Your Own Copy Of Rebel Of The Sands (Hardcover)

*Your Own Penguin Teen Tote Bag 

*Shimmering Hourglass (Originally from Anthropologie)

This giveaway ends on March 4th!


Want to ensure you’ll be able to join Amani on her adventures in Rebel Of The Sands? Then click Here To Pre-Order! (In Stores March 8th)

***Contacted by Penguin Random House for this giveaway***


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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