2016 Book Blog Goals {Bookish Goals}

2016 Bookish Goals BannerI am very happy I started this book blog.

Its been so much fun making blogger friends and being able to share my thoughts on books w/ so many of  you ❤

With that said, today I have a small list of goals to share w/ you that I would like to accomplish on my blog/in general for this new year! 🙂

1. Make more playlists!

Last month, I created a music playlist for:

Elise Kova’s Fire Falling! (Air Awakens #2) 

And I had so much fun making it, that I plan to create more for the books I read this year!

2. Read 15 books

With college, I am not too sure how busy I will be, but I’m sure b/c of all the new releases coming this year I will get to this goal in no time!

3. Re-read 1 book

I don’t usually re-read! So, even though I already have a big new release TBR, I want to re-read at least one book I already own 🙂

4. #RockMYTBR

Sarah over @Thebooktraveler, created a reading challenge to help you get through all your owned, unread books!

I created a #RockMyTBR List Here! This challenge sounds like a lot of fun, so I do plan to get through most of the books on my list!

5. Go to more Book Signings

I have been to only a few, but they are so much fun! If I do go to some, I’ll definitely try to make a recap post on it!

Those are the Book Blogging/bookish goals I plan to accomplish this year!

Do you have any bookish goals? 🙂

Let me know in the comments!


10 thoughts on “2016 Book Blog Goals {Bookish Goals}

  1. These sound like very practical goals especially with college being in the mix. I love re-reading books so I can definitely see myself revisiting my favourite books. I love the idea of creating playlists so I’ll definitely be on the look out for them. 🙂

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  2. Thank you Lois!! 🙂 Yes! college can make reading/blogging kind of difficult but I’ll really try to balance them! 🙂 tbh I’ve kind of made it “tradition” to re-read Fangirl the past few years, so maybe I’ll just re-read that one again! :’D Yes! more playlists are coming, keep an eye out!


  3. I definitely want to go to more book signings! It’s hard though because nobody comes to Ohio 😦 I also want to reread books, so I chose the infernal devices trilogy! And later this year I’m going to reread Harry Potter!

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