ARC Envy Discussion/Tips

Before I became a book blogger, I was a blog reader. Along the way and through further research of my own, I gained more knowledge on a term I am sure many book bloggers know all too well.

ARC Envy

For those who may not know, an ARC  is an acronym for Advanced Reader/Reading Copy.

It is basically an early (somewhat unedited/latest) version of a book given to many in the book industry such as bloggers, reviewers, librarians etc. to promote a book.

And ARC Envy is basically the jealous/envious feeling you get when others get an arc that you wish you really had.

With so many amazing 2016 releases coming in a few months, I have definitely been getting this feeling of ARC Envy.

I do have a few tips if, you too have ARC Envy from time to time.

1. Stay away/ take a break from social media. (More specifically Twitter)

Every now and again I will see an update/photo on twitter of a blogger with an ARC I really want and if I start to get ARC Envy, I log off ASAP. This tip really helps me and gives me time to reflect on why I shouldn’t really feel this way and how I can personally improve to get to that level someday.

2. Its not even the final version.

I can’t remember where I read/heard this but it is so true! When I think about this statement in a moment of ARC Envy it really makes me realize I might be better of without the ARC.

Now I know what your thinking, “but how could you not want “such & such” arc? Haven’t you been waiting for that book for months?”

You’re right! But then I realize, if I truly am waiting for this book, wouldn’t I want to read it in its final version?

When I think about that statement, it almost immediately alleviates my ARC Envy.

3. Remember why you are doing this!

This tip is aimed more towards me! Because I constantly think about the following statement to from time to time.

Am I going to waste my energy over an ARC? & Is book blogging really about ARCs?

My answer is no! Book Blogging is so much more than that and I am learning that with each and every passing day I am here!

I’m here truly because I want to share my love of YA books and connect with others who feel the same.


Hope these tips/discussion helped you to better understand ARC Envy and how you can avoid it if you find yourself feeling this way.

Any additional thoughts you ‘d like to add to this discussion?

Have you ever felt ARC Envy, if so any additional tips to avoid it?  🙂



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